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Project Three – First Draft

Tonight I’ve sat and gone through project three, my personal favourite for many reasons and I’m happy with the results so far.  Either tomorrow or in a few days I plan to go back to it and edit again, eliminate everything wrong with it etc.  As it’s a rhyming story it is somewhat harder to polish up as there are challenging restrictions but in two hours I’ve managed to do a significant rewrite on the original, so I’m going to leave it there and let the dust settle for now.

Currently, my google searches mostly consist of

  • “What rhymes with …”
  • “Synonyms for …”

They have helped massively.

If you’ve written a rhyming story, have you got any advice or tips you’d like to share?





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Project 4 Update

Hello readers, I have been writing a bit more of my newest project on and off lately. It’s easy to write but as it’s a rhyming childrens story I’m hoping to keep it shorter than my 3rd project which was epic at nearly 700 words.

My other book, Nonsensically Challenged Volume 2 will be published next month too, make sure to check back here for updates.

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Project 3 Complete

Good evening all! I think one of my last updates was on the subject of my current project. Well good news, I have the first draft done. I feel a bit emotional as it’s a story I’ve had swirling around my brain for years and to think I’ve done the first stage of it has made me feel quite sad – but equally excited. It’s based on my eldest and was always planned for him (and now his brother) but I think I need a couple of days for it to sink in, let the completion feeling sink right in!

Before I went to project 3 tonight I actually sat at the laptop, opened up a new word document and started on project 4. It’s in a super early stage, as in I don’t know how I want it to end, the theme or style but I’m sure after some sleeps my brain will come up with something. It’ll be aimed at 5+ year olds, that’s for sure.

How is everyone else getting on? I’m getting emails about a March 2018 Na-No-Wri-Mo but I don’t have enough substance or momentum to participate this time, maybe next time though.

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Project 3 Halted

Not intentionally but I’ve come to write the last couple of paragraphs and I know the tone it should be, I know what I want people to say and have the outcome but I’m stumped on the ‘how to get there’ stage, so I need to take a break from it.  It’ll come to me, but don’t think it’ll be tonight. Grr, right at the end as well!


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Children’s Story Update

Good evening all!

It has been a while but I’ve gone back to continue on my 3rd project.

I have mapped it out now and have the right direction, my only concern is that it may be too long but isn’t that what editing is all about?!

I have done about 150+ words tonight, considering it’s a book aimed at 5 year olds and it’s told in a rhyming method that’s actually quite a lot.

Progress is progress as the old saying goes.  Hopefully I’ll update again later this week.  I have taken a break from writing recently, not sure why but my head hasn’t been into it – it probably just needed a rest.

Catch you all again soon and thanks for stopping by.

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Home Life Poem

Roses are red

Tulips are yellow

My car is dirty

My current mood is mellow.


Birds are chirpy

The sky is blue

Rodney is happy

And me too


The fence needs painting

The hallway as well

I can’t find a toy

In the fridge there’s a broken shelf


Hubby is ill

My children are great

Spud won’t go out

My house is in a clean state


There’s lots to do

Not enough hours in the day

But things are going wonderful

No time for work, just play!


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Tuesday Poem

Tuesdays are second

They make Mondays better,

Only in hindsight though

Then Wednesdays are greater.


Tuesdays tend to come around

Slow as a snail,

Not much goes on, I find

Mostly checking emails.


Before I know it

The evening has arrived,

The middle of the week

Has turned up right before my eyes.


My weeks fly by

Yet there are slow times too,

But I’m happy with this balance

Tuesdays, I’m pleased to see you.


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Sunday Relax Poem

While my family rest,

I try my best,

At wanting to work and write.


My home is my nest,

But as I type and press,

I’m tired and ready for night.


If I can write a little each day,

I can give myself leeway,

To call myself a writer.


It’s finding the middle

Of a hectic life, pickle!

But on I must. I’m a fighter.


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Project 3 Update

I’ve been busy writing my 3rd small project tonight and have decided to turn the story into a rhyming story for children.  I haven’t done any rhyming in a while and I have so many ideas of how I want the story to go I’m stopping for the night while I plot it all out.

The story is about a dragon who has hayfever!

I’ve read a lot of books to my children today, usually we do read quite a bit but with it being world book day I wanted to get moving with this project a bit more.  I think, because there are so many options when it comes to rhyming, this story may take a bit longer than expected to finish but I still hope for a finish at the very latest by next week.

I’m really enjoying it though to the point where it feels a bit overwhelming, hence the break for tonight but will easily have it done for next week.


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Smoke Signals

When trees send smoke signals

There’s no need to fret

For all it means

Is that the sun is soon to set.

On it brings the darkness

And out we see the light

A cold winters evening

The signals reappear tomorrow, with all their might.