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Short Story: Katrina’s New Clothes Part 1

Katrina was a happy girl. She had a lot of friends and loved them all so very much.

When she turned eight, her mum took her around the shops.

“Shall we get ice cream?” Her mum asked as they finished, Katrina, however, was staring at a bright blue dress in a shop window.  Her mum smiled at her daughter

“Isn’t that the prettiest dress ever?” Katrina said in a dream-like state.

“It is pretty, but there is nothing wrong with the clothes you have, darling, those ice creams will melt if we aren’t quick enough” her mum tried to hurry her along, but it didn’t work.

“All of my friends would love me even more if I had it” Katrina spoke frankly. “I won’t move until you buy it for me”.

Her mum frowned, then tutted and sighed “Fine, you can have it, but this means no ice cream OK?” Katrina smiled, happy that she had won. She knew she would win because she always gets her way.

It was early afternoon when they got back home, Katrina was excited to put the dress on, and as soon as she ran through the front door, she bolted upstairs, clutching the shopping bag in one hand and ran straight into her bedroom.

She put the dress on as fast as she could and checked herself out in the mirror.

“Wow I look amazing, like a princess, but even more special” and she twirled around on the spot, the dress twizzled with her as she spun.

“With this dress, I can have a lot more friends, and they will all love me” she paused before continuing “I will have to get more dresses, oh this is going to be so much fun!” Then there was a knock on her door, it was mum.

She entered the room and gave her daughter a loving look “My sweet Katrina, you look wonderful, would you like to invite some friends round for tea so you can show them your dress?” At this, Katrina nodded, and mum left the room to make a few phone calls.

The only grass at her house was at the front, so Katrina often played here, and it was mostly tea parties. She was setting up some chairs and plates when a group of girls walked by, Katrina noticed them checking out her dress. The group of girls were very familiar to Katrina, but she never found the courage to speak to them because they were popular and they had been mean to her a few times before.


Are the girls going to ruin her party? What will her friends think? Will Katrina get her way once again? Find out in the next part of Katrina’s New Clothes.  Thank you for reading.


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"I loved writing as a child, loved making up silly stories. They came built-in to my brain, almost like an Ikea instruction manual. The focus these days is to figure out how to now turn them into books" Tanya Butler, June 2018

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