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First Line Writing Competition

I have free time in the afternoon today to write, wow, my head has been so full of excitement and uncertainty over how to spend a whole hour to myself I’ve had to calm down and crack on with some writing to fully benefit by this.

I’ve entered another competition today, it’s a free one and I recommend giving it a go especially as it’s free to enter and there’s a £25 cash prize.

First Line Writing Competition

The rules are to take inspiration from a picture and “wow” with our words, very beautiful don’t you think?

I couldn’t find any terms or conditions so to protect the rights and the rules the submission will not be posted on here but I will provide an update once the judging has taken place.  Wish me luck!

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The Chapter Moved Forward


(This picture sums up exactly what my thoughts have concluded tonight)

It’s been a challenge of a couple of days with thinking about the right direction for this chapter.  I can see it all in my head but expressing it from head to hands is like walking with a toddler. You know you can walk fast, the toddler thinks he can walk fast but when together, you, the parent, has to slow down and let the toddler learn how to catch up.  That’s how the writing feels currently.  Maybe it’s just the screenwriter in me just wanting to get the story down, maybe I’m just impatient, don’t get me wrong I am enjoying writing but it does get a bit frustrating from time to time.

264 is tonight’s word count but I finally came back to the present day in my story which I have been very keen on doing for a few days now.  A royal figure dipped into an old memory of his brother and that’s where I had been for a few days, tonight though he popped back into the present day – phew, thought he’d never get there!

Hope you enjoyed the read tonight.


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Review, Update & Tonight’s Writing

Last week I posted a blog about making some lifestyle changes, this was predominantly all about accommodating writing into my daily routine and to push back all the obstacles that prevented this (for such a long time too!).  The list is below, the comments next to each item describes the output –

WANTS (The things I’d love to do a lot more of)

Continue writing my book – Done! I had no expectations other than to write, no word count to achieve (I’m not ready for that yet), though I didn’t plan to be focusing on the scene I’m currently working on but I’m still happy to write it.

Gather a portfolio of work– Not achieved though this involves going into the attic and pulling down previous works and sifting through for small projects. It’s not critical but more of an ongoing item to tend to.

Learn more about WordPress – Not achieved the way I planned.  I had hoped to have taken an evening off from the story to focus on this platform but then it dawned on me that it’s only going to delay the writing at a time when there’s steam behind it, I’m just happy to churn these posts out and anything else magic that comes my way is an added bonus.

Go to the gym – I think I went twice last week but it’s not something I want to prioritise this week due to a bit of fatigue. If I’m too tired to write then I’m too tired to go out and exercise.

Give my cats more attention Not achieved at all. They get cuddles every day but this will be another ongoing item.  Sorry Spud and Rodney!

Meditate, do some Yoga, empty my mind of any stressesAchieved! The weird dreams have come back along with the heavy sleeping but I feel really mindful and when that doesn’t happen I’ve been meditating at night or have done some Yoga before a writing session.  

Read a book, listen to some musicAchieved both.  It’s a parenting book on “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk”, definitely a book I’d recommend. I’ve even tried a few methods on my husband and it works wonders! Music wise I’ve just listened to “Kerrang Radio”.

Watch a film on Netflix with my husband (have a night off from all of the above)Achieved.  We watched “Dr Who, An Adventure in Space and Time” and I really enjoyed it.  It was all about the idea of Dr Who coming together as an idea and how the BBC coped with it, it also followed it’s main star William Hartnell and his expectations of the role. If you’re a fan of Dr Who you have to watch this! It was certainly nice to switch off from the laptop for a couple of hours.

Overall some things weren’t achieved but the list is still just a baby, time for it to grow and mature into something greater.  Writing was the main thing I wanted and I got it.

The list below contained every obstacle preventing the above list from happening. Here’s how it panned out:

NEEDS (These tend to be the main priority

Ironing – I found a new little trick.  Get it done whilst my husband are bathing my children.  There’s a dead space in time between this and feeding my youngest and I never knew how to fill it, bearing in mind it’s only 15 minutes, I found the micro-ironing (I’m coining the term now) to be more effective way of ensuring it gets done and that also frees up time in the evening to write or go to the gym – WIN!

Odd jobs around the house I couldn’t achieve during the day – Achieved, simply by putting it the dead space like above. Another win

Shower – Stayed the same really, nothing epic to report on, might scrap this from the list.

Reply back to people in messaging services (something I dislike doing during the day if I know it’s going to be a long conversation, so I have to wait until my children are in bed before replying)  – 50/50 if I’m honest. I tried to wait until the end of the day but then it’d cut into the writing time.

Sorting out the plans for the next day or upcoming week e.g. make sure there’s plenty of food in the house for my children or make sure there’s cash in the house for play groups, and then acting accordingly – Not Achieved. This nearly backfired on me this morning getting ready for playgroup as I couldn’t find any money to go and was running late.  Luckily a sneaky few pounds found their way into my clutches!

What is interesting is that these results are also a positive outcome.  It does feel like the focus has shifted from the 2nd list to the 1st, there’s probably a way to go but generally I’m loving this idea and mentality. I might try and see what happens over the next 7 days and review again.

The word count tonight is roughly 200 words, I want the scene to continue but am trying to envision it playing out and the writing for it is a bit of a struggle, looking at different perspectives and reactions is harder than expected!


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My Hat Fell Off

After spending the afternoon looking forward to writing more on the novel, once my children were in bed, tonight’s post should have been talking lots of progress but low and behold my writing hat fell off! It goes on every evening and it’s like my work uniform, without it on the work does not happen.

To be fair I had a terrible night’s sleep last night (4 or so hours, that’s not been done in a long time) so it was probably my brain, who teamed up with gravity, that ensured the hat would not stay put. I should shout at my brain but she is sleepy and has already said sorry so I can’t stay mad at her can I?

I was meant to have tried some flash fiction tonight, suggested by other bloggers, but will try again tomorrow night.

Night night readers, be kind to your brains and let them sleep if they need it otherwise they wake up all cranky and make you pay the following day.

N.B – The term ‘writing hat’ is what I use when I get my mind into writing mode in case you were wondering.  I wish I had a big hat like in the first image but if it ended up in my household the cats would shred it and my children would try and sit in it!

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Count, Confession & Cats

Surprisingly I’ve been working later than 9:30pm which used to be where my brain would start shutting off.  It’s funny when I think about it but by writing constantly I have mentally got into a rhythm where from 8pm on wards it’s the optimal writing time and that is ideal for my situation.

Maybe it was the inspiration from today’s outing, we went to Stanley Park (dinosaur exhibition) a very beautiful and thrilling day out, or maybe it was the extra super duper large Starbucks Latte I drank around 8pm but it’s gone 10pm and I’m not in bed – ooo get me having a late night eh?

Saying that though, my writing hat has slipped off! I’m continuing the scene from last night, in the King’s office and you know when you’re writing and you get to a point and know you’ll have to heavily re-write a lot of it? that’s what’s happened tonight but I’m happy with the word count (800 on the nose) and the fact I’ve been writing in general so it’s been a good writing evening. Think I’ll go and try some meditation and clear my mind and enjoy the weird dreams undoubtedly that will swim into it.  Rodney my cat, was sick all over the rug tonight and that ever so brief interruption stopped my writing flow, but I got more words done tonight than last night where I had no interruption so I’m calling it a win still.

As I was thinking over yesterday’s writing session it came to my realisation that I’m preferring writing the direction of the story; setting the scene, the themes, the silliness of it more than writing the characters. I feel this is the ultimate sin of a writer and in a way feel this is wrong of me.  Surely a character should take precedence over everything as it’s their journey we follow, their thoughts and actions we resonate with? I wonder if you other writers think the same?

I shall see you all again tomorrow, same time, same blog.



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Another Productive Evening

754 words tonight, very pleased with that! I had planned to continue writing the phone call from last night but as I sat at the laptop and re-read the last paragraph or so no inspiration came to me to WANT to write it out, think my brain is re-grouping and planning it out visually before communicating it to my fingers. Interestingly I felt drawn to writing out a scene set in the King’s office, it’s going smoothly and according to plan, though I need to work on my characters a bit more, give them meaning, a drive and some dramatic elements I think this is what I’ll work on a bit more over the next few days.

I didn’t have much time to write during the day today, I rarely do with having 2 children but I did have a quick goose at word count trackers for my website and I think because of the basic plan I’m on it’s not going to be possible, not sure there’s any point in upgrading just yet so may have to leave that item in a things-to-do pile for the website.  The picture above is no way one I took personally, I am a neat freak and like to see the floor from time to time.  I do however think if you’re going to buy this much junk (I like to call all toys junk because they typically are) then at least train your child all about tidy up time!

Night night readers, hope you have a productive evening like I did (if not better!).

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Word Count

I have to stop for the night with writing, I feel random words are just being typed without much thought or forward thinking as I’d like so rather than waste time going down a dead avenue I will rest and continue tomorrow.

I’ve done nearly 400 words this evening, my character is having a phone call and is about to embark on a new stage in his life, unfortunately there’s going to be a big misunderstanding and I can’t wait to write that!

I might try and add a word count ticker to my blog at some point, just so I can see the total progress in numbers, I think my readers might like to see a running total too, Like if you agree.

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It’s Back, Progress Update!

I have my mojo back! I’ve churned out nearly 900 words tonight which is something I haven’t done in a while at this time of day (it is 21:30).  I was getting worried that evening sessions were slowly becoming impossible but it’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

I had done some Yoga beforehand so I could get a bit of an exercise in and to help empty my mind and I feel it has helped.  I feel very focused, more so than say 48 hours ago when my motivation went out the window, down the road and nearly drowned in the duck pond. I must refer to this post on a day when I am mostly daydreaming more than focusing on the project.

The scene I have wrote tonight will eventually become back story for the protagonist, he will learn more about why this character behaves the way he does.  For now this characters, lets call him Mack, is currently alive and in a state of mourning, his brother has done something terrible and Mack thought he’d feel better after his brother’s actions but it leads him down the wrong path completely. In a way it feels like I’m writing dark comedies again, it’s all I wrote in University, but I’m trying to make it resonate more with the audience, rather than it just be a completely 100% silly story. The targeted audience is what I think about when I write to keep it on track but I see no harm in trying to push the boundaries a little. You’ve got to have fun writing right?

I’m going to sign off now and do a bit of meditation before bed, help keep my brain and body in sync. I wish you readers good luck with your writing tonight and will check in again tomorrow.  Night night.

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My Writing Plan

Today is the last day of this week, a not so productive week in terms of story writing, the focus HAS been on this blog which I don’t necessarily see as a bad thing since blogging is new to me and I’m just trying to get into a good rhythm with both mediums.

I found a blog recently which talked about prioritising the REAL things, the things we want to do, alongside all the obstacles that end up getting in the way and see how the focus can slowly shift by constantly writing these lists down, so I want to attempt to do that in this post:

WANTS (The things I’d love to do a lot more of)

Continue writing my book

Gather a portfolio of work

Learn more about WordPress

Go to the gym <— the only thing on this list I do regularly, but not enough for the price I pay!

Give my cats more attention

Meditate, do some Yoga, empty my mind of any stresses

Read a book, listen to some music

Watch a film on Netflix with my husband (have a night off from all of the above)


NEEDS (These tend to be the main priority, as I’m typing them out I can see how feeble they are)

Ironing (took me an hour tonight!)

Odd jobs around the house I couldn’t achieve during the day – paperwork, fixing broken toys, cleaning the cat trays, deep cleaning the house


Reply back to people in messaging services (something I dislike doing during the day if I know it’s going to be a long conversation, so I have to wait until my children are in bed before replying) <—this is an evening killer if I’m not careful

Sorting out the plans for the next day or upcoming week e.g. make sure there’s plenty of food in the house for my children or make sure there’s cash in the house for play groups, and then acting accordingly.


Wow, I honestly thought there’d be more in the second list but I can’t think of any.  Now the list has been written let’s see where I am 7 days down the line with exercise.  Nearly everything in the Needs list is done every single night and they CAN take up the whole evening on occasion. This is why I’d like to have another 5 or 6 hours added into a day just so I can get everything done without fail or excuse.

I need to get my brain into gear, climb aboard the motivation train, put my fingers to the keyboard and override all obstacles in my head and just do it.  I’ve read so many inspirational blogs, there’s been so many wise and profound words that I must go and show the world what I am capable of with my writing – so I shall sign off now, wipe the slate clean and think/dream positively for the future! I wish you all well fellow writers, if you want something so badly you’ll do anything to make it happen right? bye bye unproductive week, hello to a new jam packed productive one!







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I Did It

I found a little challenge earlier, thanks to lrmauck for this, it’s something which is more than nothing.

Weekend Challenge #13

Here is my entry, a Haiku, I’ve always wanted to do one but am also not that alert.


If I’m being honest…

I can’t be bothered

It’s hard to keep at something

Because I’m tired