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Smoke Signals

When trees send smoke signals

There’s no need to fret

For all it means

Is that the sun is soon to set.

On it brings the darkness

And out we see the light

A cold winters evening

The signals reappear tomorrow, with all their might.

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Winter Contrails

The sun creates magical images in the sky.

I call this pattern ‘leaves’.

The contrails create the spine of a leaf and it looks almost like a protecting hand over the winter sky.

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Small Writing Project Underway

As my youngest is napping I’ve decided to come and tackle a winter inspired story I thought of the other day.  I’ve wrote about 350 words and I’d like to try and animate myself.  I hope to have the story finished this week, it’ll be a super short one, with no overthinking on the theme, moral or reasoning – it’s just a little something for my children to read.


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Winter Inspiration

With the weather being very wintery and beautiful it has inspired me to write a little story for my children. I have ideas and will crack on with it tonight. My aim for this year is to concentrate on small projects. Lets see how I do!

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The Spiders Are Back

They think I don’t know but I do know. So far I have clocked 3 small and sneaky arachnids and they can stay for now. The second I spy anything bigger than a 5p coin then out comes the cup and scoop and off they go.

In the words of Kevin “When those guys come back, I’ll be ready”