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Blog Update

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a long time, a lot of little things have unfortunately been high priority, most importantly the birth of my twin daughters.

I don’t like leaving things unfinished and I don’t like that I left a short story incomplete, I need to get back into the swing of things. I hope in the upcoming weeks to get this blog nice and readable, enjoyable and back to business, as it were.

Thanks for reading!

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Writing Update

It’s been a very long time since I put any sort of writing update on here but I’ve been itching to do it lately, so here it goes.

Project Robot, a story loosely Christmas related, is something I’ve to tried to re-write today went well but there’s so much I need to change.  The second draft of it is underway and it’s a bit disheartening to think I may need a couple of extra re-writes before I feel it’s ready for publication.

Project three, my favourite project out of everything I’ve ever done has been sent to agencies.  I’ve only done it recently and feel quite bad as it was ready months ago but only recently has the motivation come back into my life.

I have actually been paid to write articles over the past couple of months and have loved living the dream – being paid actual, real-life money to write.  I just wish it was on a more permanent basis.  I need to find more clients or better websites that will hire me for my talents.

Not to use it as an excuse but I’m 6 months pregnant with twins so I tend to be lethargic in the evenings and haven’t pushed myself to do any more than the above.  I really hope that in 12 months time, I’ll have another publication in Christopher Fielden’s “Nonsensically Challenged”, a bit more of a steady income, more completed work, all while juggling 4 children!.

I think one thing that will help with motivation is posting a bit more on my blog, so you’ll definitely see more of these posts and more picture book reviews.  I must stick with this momentum and carry on!


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Project Robot Progress

Last night I sat and edited my robot story and decided to make a couple of significant changes. Initially, it was set in a work environment, but for the target audience, I don’t think they would relate well. So I’ve changed it to a school setting, and instead of a mean boss, it’s a mean teacher.

I’ve been on an epic bike ride today and am unsure if I can edit tonight as I’m currently tired beyond the land of nod. I’ll give it a shot though.

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Writing Update

Not to start off on a dull note but unfortunately I haven’t written for some time. I don’t know why but I just can’t dedicate any time at the mo plus I seemed to have wained in the need to write my book. It feels like it’s going to be shelved for several years whilst I’m in this frame of mind and I’m OK with that. I know deep deep deep down I shouldn’t be but you never know things may change.

I may try a new project, something smaller, something easy perhaps. 2018 I am trying to be a bit easier on myself as I am my own worst enemy sometimes!

Let’s see what happens next, wish me luck and hope you all had a great Christmas (if you like the festivities that is. If you didn’t, then like myself, isn’t it good that things are finally back to normal?!).

Write to you all soon. 

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NaNoWriMo – Final Count

After having several busy days I’m able to update you with the final word count in the NaNoWriMo participation.

Total word count is 6832 which I’m thrilled about. I did find it somewhat a challenge doing it every single night so I have been having a bit of a break from it all but will get the writing hat back on my head in the next few days. That’s the plan.

Here is the breakdown of the word count

Day 1 – 157

Day 2 – 114

Day 3 – 169

Day 4 – 281

Day 5 – 191

Day 6 – 0

Day 7 – 203

Day 8 – 286

Day 9 – 259

Day 10 – 710

Day 11 – 220

Day 12 – 0

Day 13 – 210

Day 14 – 512

Day 15 – 359

Day 16 – 0

Day 17 – 321

Day 18 – 468

Day 19 – 259

Day 20 – 230

Day 21 – 0

Day 22 – 468

Day 23 – 261

Day 24 – 313

Day 25 – 203

Day 26 – 0

Day 27 – 0

Day 28 – 638

Day 29 – 0

Day 30 – 0


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Early Hour’s Writing

I think the last time I dedicated time to writing past midnight was during my University years. Here I am 11 years later, wide awake and have resisted the urge to sit on twitter and instead I’ve opted for a more productive way to try and sleep by cracking on with novel writing.

I am now going to aim to complete it within 7 months, realising that these days there are far too many excuses and no real deadline to aim for so I’m going to set a date. 

The goal is to complete it by the end of May 2018. I think that’s plenty of time, it’s after Xmas and it’s a month where not much goes on with my lifestyle so I figure it’s achievable.

I will probably go down the self publishing this time but for future work it’ll be sent to a traditional publishing house.

Though I am blogging and writing at 4am I hope my mind won’t start getting into the habit of waking up at silly o clock every morning. I love my sleep but for some reason, on a Sunday, my brain is wide awake – the joy!

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Writing Update

I still feel very exhausted today though I got a good night’s sleep last night. I tried to do some writing this evening and I enjoyed the session but the words just aren’t coming so I’ll restore my head and see what tomorrow brings.  I must go to the gym but as soon as I get back I’ll open the laptop and crack on with the work.

At the start of the week I posted this Monday Update. It contained some things in my life which I’d like to prioritise along with a new way of thinking.  Tomorrow the results will be posted.

For now dear readers keep on blogging!