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Very Nearly There!

Good evening all!

I have completed project 1, once and for all! It’s been formatted accordingly and now ready for sending off.

I have spent today on the covering letter and this evening my caring and very supportive husband checked everything through but alas, tiredness has got the better of me.

So tomorrow, when I’m fully alert, I will triple-double-chocolate check it all and send then. There’s no point sending it when I’m focusing on keeping my eyes open, rather than acheiving a dream. Its not worth the risk right?

Will keep you posted. To reward myself for getting to this point I must see what is on my Amazon wishlist and purchase what my card will allow me to spend.

Keep on being creative everyone!

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Writing Update

I still feel very exhausted today though I got a good night’s sleep last night. I tried to do some writing this evening and I enjoyed the session but the words just aren’t coming so I’ll restore my head and see what tomorrow brings.  I must go to the gym but as soon as I get back I’ll open the laptop and crack on with the work.

At the start of the week I posted this Monday Update. It contained some things in my life which I’d like to prioritise along with a new way of thinking.  Tomorrow the results will be posted.

For now dear readers keep on blogging!


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My Hat Fell Off

After spending the afternoon looking forward to writing more on the novel, once my children were in bed, tonight’s post should have been talking lots of progress but low and behold my writing hat fell off! It goes on every evening and it’s like my work uniform, without it on the work does not happen.

To be fair I had a terrible night’s sleep last night (4 or so hours, that’s not been done in a long time) so it was probably my brain, who teamed up with gravity, that ensured the hat would not stay put. I should shout at my brain but she is sleepy and has already said sorry so I can’t stay mad at her can I?

I was meant to have tried some flash fiction tonight, suggested by other bloggers, but will try again tomorrow night.

Night night readers, be kind to your brains and let them sleep if they need it otherwise they wake up all cranky and make you pay the following day.

N.B – The term ‘writing hat’ is what I use when I get my mind into writing mode in case you were wondering.  I wish I had a big hat like in the first image but if it ended up in my household the cats would shred it and my children would try and sit in it!

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Word Count

I have to stop for the night with writing, I feel random words are just being typed without much thought or forward thinking as I’d like so rather than waste time going down a dead avenue I will rest and continue tomorrow.

I’ve done nearly 400 words this evening, my character is having a phone call and is about to embark on a new stage in his life, unfortunately there’s going to be a big misunderstanding and I can’t wait to write that!

I might try and add a word count ticker to my blog at some point, just so I can see the total progress in numbers, I think my readers might like to see a running total too, Like if you agree.

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I Did It

I found a little challenge earlier, thanks to lrmauck for this, it’s something which is more than nothing.

Weekend Challenge #13

Here is my entry, a Haiku, I’ve always wanted to do one but am also not that alert.


If I’m being honest…

I can’t be bothered

It’s hard to keep at something

Because I’m tired

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It’s Saturday Night, So Surely It’s A Night Off?

My family and I went out today and had one of those afternoons where we were all on our feet.  I have just put my youngest to bed and cannot for the life of me be bothered writing my book tonight.

I will probably learn the ropes more with WordPress and just see what other bloggers are up to.  Anyone want me to have a read of their work?

Wish I had a milk steamer at home so I could indulge in proper lattes, not just hot milk in the pan poured into some coffee granules.  Let’s see if this super strong coffee will change my mind about the writing.

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Not As Good As Earlier…

But I have written some more this evening, it’s the part of the story where the king’s brother has discovered something disastrous and goes on the rampage. I could’ve written more but am extremely tired so am calling it a night.

I got through 231 this evening, so a significantly lower amount this morning, I think I work better in the mornings but can’t make this happen everyday with being a stay at home mum. I have to fit it in whenever I can.

231 is better than nothing though

I’m calling it a win.

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Change Of Plan

The gym didn’t happen tonight, just wasn’t feeling it, the same goes for the writing. It is OK to have a night off from it but I need to learn the right balance, especially in the early days when there’s not much steam behind this project.

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It’s Surely A Night Off?

I’m keeping this short. It’s Saturday, my children are in bed, I have spent 2 hours ironing and have only just sat down so there’s been no writing today.

Although, I have been trying to work out if I want my main character to be a piece of meat or an animal, maybe I will just write 2 versions and see which works out the best.