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Very Nearly There!

Good evening all!

I have completed project 1, once and for all! It’s been formatted accordingly and now ready for sending off.

I have spent today on the covering letter and this evening my caring and very supportive husband checked everything through but alas, tiredness has got the better of me.

So tomorrow, when I’m fully alert, I will triple-double-chocolate check it all and send then. There’s no point sending it when I’m focusing on keeping my eyes open, rather than acheiving a dream. Its not worth the risk right?

Will keep you posted. To reward myself for getting to this point I must see what is on my Amazon wishlist and purchase what my card will allow me to spend.

Keep on being creative everyone!

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I haven’t been well lately so I’ve stayed away from the blog.  Tonight I’ve dabbled with illustrating my 1st project.  I know, to an extent, how I want the look of the book to be and so with the help of my trusty laptop I’ve tampered with background colours and faces.  It’s a bit hit and miss, I’m not known for my illustrations but it’s been nice to get back into the swing of things.

Check back soon as I’m looking for my next project and with having some spare time during the day tomorrow I’m hoping to crack on with some more exciting stories.



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Writing Project Update

Well, I can’t believe I’m able to post this but I finished my small writing project that was started several days ago. I have finished the narrative but now I’m going to give the animation aspect a try.  I’m no artist by any means but feel I’d like to now map out and essentially produce this myself. The story itself is only 400 words but that was what I was aiming for. Something small, manageable/achievable etc.

I will see how I get on with the next stage but I’m also now excited at the next project I have lined up.  A robot themed story!

All in all, I’m pleased with where I’m at.

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Small Writing Project Underway

As my youngest is napping I’ve decided to come and tackle a winter inspired story I thought of the other day.  I’ve wrote about 350 words and I’d like to try and animate myself.  I hope to have the story finished this week, it’ll be a super short one, with no overthinking on the theme, moral or reasoning – it’s just a little something for my children to read.