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Publisher Tips

In one of the rejection emails received, I was given contacts and websites to visit to encourage me to keep on trying, polishing up the skill they call writing.

I’m going to share these websites with you because knowledge is power, power is pizza, and we all deserve some pizza right?


Help with the manuscript; I recommend Blue Pencil Agency for an in-depth editorial analysis of your work by industry professionals.


assessment report, we recommend Daniel Goldsmith Associates They give an honest, comprehensive and constructive review of fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature.

House of Editors is a group of award-winning and industry-leading editors, mentors and writers who have helped prize-winning writers polish their novels I recommend them for anything from a manuscript assessment to mentorship.

There is also an online forum where authors can get in touch with each other and the writing world at


The websites do work on a fee type basis but if it helps you in any way then excellent.

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Publishers Ahoy!

I’ve spent several weeks on and off trying to illustrate a project but to no avail.  So whilst I’m in a very motivated frame of mind I’ve been doing very important proper work tonight…sending work off to a publishing house.  I figure what have I got to lose? the more I write and send off the more likely work, one day, WILL be published.  I’ve gone back to the beginning, researching publishers, re-learning synopsis writing, biography writing and honing those skills.

I don’t have enough hours in the day to try and self-publish and I’m at that point where I’m happy to see what the wider world has to offer/accept.

That’s where I’m at currently.  How are you getting on?