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No Writing Tonight

Due to some bugs in my house I’m not writing tonight. When I say bugs I don’t mean bugs bunny but the virusy-cold type ones!

I will move my 3rd project goal to next Sunday instead. Keep it easy, achievable and simple.

Yes I realise I’m able to blog but my story writing head is just not in it tonight – sorry folks!

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My Parks & Very Recreational Habit

It’s a bit of a writing update in a way but I’ve not progressed on my 3rd project this week. I recently discovered the TV show ‘Parks and Recreation’ and have been binge watching it once my children are in bed.

Sunday’s are my most productive days for writing so I will aim for some sort of sitting-at the-laptop-and-creating-my-magic- work tomorrow.

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Writing Update

Not to start off on a dull note but unfortunately I haven’t written for some time. I don’t know why but I just can’t dedicate any time at the mo plus I seemed to have wained in the need to write my book. It feels like it’s going to be shelved for several years whilst I’m in this frame of mind and I’m OK with that. I know deep deep deep down I shouldn’t be but you never know things may change.

I may try a new project, something smaller, something easy perhaps. 2018 I am trying to be a bit easier on myself as I am my own worst enemy sometimes!

Let’s see what happens next, wish me luck and hope you all had a great Christmas (if you like the festivities that is. If you didn’t, then like myself, isn’t it good that things are finally back to normal?!).

Write to you all soon. 

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Quiet Weekends

With my favourite show back on TV (1 of 2, the other being The Flash which has also started up again this week), my evenings are taken up with Strictly Come Dancing. I’m an armchair judge, loving celebs which I never cared for, dancing with their pro’s and I’m happily looking forward to watching each episode.

As a result there won’t be much opportunity to write at the weekends but I’m OK with that.

Hope you are all keeping busy and will update in due course.

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Throw Back Friday

Spud and Rodney after their first night home. They loved the laundry bins for a place to sleep but they now prefer to nap under my bed!

As you can see they were super fluffy back at 8 weeks old but I assumed all kittens were like that.  Little did I know they’d grow up to be super giant fluff balls of cuteness!

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No Challenge Tonight

Day 5 and I’ve already paused the challenge. Does this mean I’ve failed? I will aim for 2 challenges tomorrow night instead, or at least try.

I need a bit of a break and complete some household chores that haven’t been done for a bit.