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Looking For A Literary Agent

With sending my manuscript off lately, I can keep myself busy with other projects, old and new. I’m prepared for rejection, but at the same time, I’m not 100% sure what would happen next when an agency gets in touch.

Even though it may take months\years how do you react and process acceptance if it should occur?

Good old Google has provided insights of what other authors have gone through; I wonder if any of my readers have a story or advice to share?!

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Challenge Completed!

Good evening all. Thank you for your many likes and comments about this project, I really appreciate it.

Tonight I sent off work to find an agent. Through my hayfevery eyes I’m pleased to have found that fire within to get to this point. The fire that says “you can do it woman, if you can spend an evening googling ‘icanhascheeseburger’ then you must surely have time to get stories out of your brain”. Well I listened, did it, ate some chocolate, watched a bit of TV in between but I DID IT!!!

So while I say goodbye to one project (for now) I’ve already got new ideas sprouting but have opted to concentrate on finishing my other work. Project 2 is next on the cards.

This is where I could do with another 12 hours or so added to every day. That way I could easily get everything I wanted doing, done.

Will be posting very soon with an update. Keep on writing and listen to your own fires!

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Literary Agents

Tonight I’ve been researching some agents and it all seems pretty straight forward. Over the next couple of weeks the aim is to edit and complete some work and then concentrate on covering letters.

Short but sweet tonight!