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When Setbacks Happen

Sit back,

Have a bath,

Watch a film – then laugh,

Go to the Zoo and look at the Giraffes,

Do some sums – maths,

Get lost in the jungle – need maps,

Cuddle the cats,

If it’s really bad, sack your staff,

Be daft,

Wear a top hat,

Then get back on track!







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My View On Grammarly

I’ve recently found an online tool which I’ve seen to be very useful for writing. It’s called Grammarly, and though it does play on your paranoia ever so slightly, it does work well.

Not only does it help with grammar and spelling, but I’ve also found it helps me think about what I’m writing and therefore makes me a stronger writer.

I have bought the premium subscription, but only because I feel it’s keeping me motivated to get the writing done (and more importantly I waited patiently for the 50% off email to come in), You can get by with the basic free version though.

It’s not perfect as it seems to want to add unnecessary commas so still have your wits about you.

If you’ve used it what do you think? Has it helped or hindered?