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Applying For Writing Jobs

Tonight I finally did it.  Now that I’m at this point I naturally wonder why I didn’t do this sooner (thanks brain!) but I’ve finally got my feet on the pedals, I just need to keep cycling and aim for the finish line, which I will cross. For those with a curious nature, I’ve headed over to Guru.  Maybe if you are in the same position you could always give it a try?

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Giving Guru A Shot

Looking around the internet, I’ve been pointed towards for freelance work.  As the previous post explains, this is new to me, and I don’t know anyone in my waking world who can provide advice, so this stage feels like I’m in the dark searching for the light switch – I’m thinking “What now? What do I need to know? What should I look out for?” It feels like the internet is the only thing that will provide those answers.