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Giving Guru A Shot

Looking around the internet, I’ve been pointed towards for freelance work.  As the previous post explains, this is new to me, and I don’t know anyone in my waking world who can provide advice, so this stage feels like I’m in the dark searching for the light switch – I’m thinking “What now? What do I need to know? What should I look out for?” It feels like the internet is the only thing that will provide those answers.

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Freelance Work – What To Expect?

I’m at a point where I’m looking for paid writing work. I’ve registered for freelance jobs but should I get some interest what should I expect? I’ve never been self-employed so there’s uncertainty over the unknown (obviously) but does anyone have experience, either positive or negative, with successfully getting a steady ish income from freelancing?

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Freelancer, Now For Hire!

I’ve taken the plunge and have created a profile to embark on my new business venture…freelance work.  For those who already have their foot well and truly wedged in the door, if not already in the next room, can you provide any advice to a budding new freelance writer?

I am ready to give it more than 1000000% and have started doing homework on what to look for, how to succeed etc. The focus areas/line of work I’ll propose bids on is writing stories aimed at children and blog writing.

Let’s see what the progress is like a couple of months down the line.