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Project Three – First Draft

Tonight I’ve sat and gone through project three, my personal favourite for many reasons and I’m happy with the results so far.  Either tomorrow or in a few days I plan to go back to it and edit again, eliminate everything wrong with it etc.  As it’s a rhyming story it is somewhat harder to polish up as there are challenging restrictions but in two hours I’ve managed to do a significant rewrite on the original, so I’m going to leave it there and let the dust settle for now.

Currently, my google searches mostly consist of

  • “What rhymes with …”
  • “Synonyms for …”

They have helped massively.

If you’ve written a rhyming story, have you got any advice or tips you’d like to share?





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Gym and Thoughts

I opted for the gym as it’s equally important to exercise my body as well as my mind and I can happily say, from a vigorous workout, I’ve been rethinking project robot.

Its nothing major but the first draft, I think, needs a bit of shuffling around somewhat so instead of just rewriting the sentences I should map it all out again and from that framework of view find the best way to get to the end.

As a short story it should still be accomplished within a couple of weeks.

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Project 4 – First Draft Update

Tonight, with a husband pushing me to write, I finished the first draft of Project 4.  It’s lengthy which I didn’t want, mostly because it’s a rhyming story aimed at young children and at nearly 600 words I doubt they’d have the attention span to sit through that much of a story.

I have no other projects lined up currently, I have fallen out of the writing recently but I guess I now need to go back to the first 3 projects and edit them to pieces and then crack on with number 4 and wait for my next inspiration.