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Tuesday Coffee

My children are in holiday club,

So my husband and I are having a drink,

With my laptop out and a cake on a plate,

This coffee helps me write and think.

Thank you, Starbucks!

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When In Starbucks

Guzzle the coffee – status: in progress

Open the laptop and wait for inspiration to kick in – status: pending

Hate hayfever for causing poor sleep – status: complete

Ponder over what to have for breakfast – status: pending



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Count, Confession & Cats

Surprisingly I’ve been working later than 9:30pm which used to be where my brain would start shutting off.  It’s funny when I think about it but by writing constantly I have mentally got into a rhythm where from 8pm on wards it’s the optimal writing time and that is ideal for my situation.

Maybe it was the inspiration from today’s outing, we went to Stanley Park (dinosaur exhibition) a very beautiful and thrilling day out, or maybe it was the extra super duper large Starbucks Latte I drank around 8pm but it’s gone 10pm and I’m not in bed – ooo get me having a late night eh?

Saying that though, my writing hat has slipped off! I’m continuing the scene from last night, in the King’s office and you know when you’re writing and you get to a point and know you’ll have to heavily re-write a lot of it? that’s what’s happened tonight but I’m happy with the word count (800 on the nose) and the fact I’ve been writing in general so it’s been a good writing evening. Think I’ll go and try some meditation and clear my mind and enjoy the weird dreams undoubtedly that will swim into it.  Rodney my cat, was sick all over the rug tonight and that ever so brief interruption stopped my writing flow, but I got more words done tonight than last night where I had no interruption so I’m calling it a win still.

As I was thinking over yesterday’s writing session it came to my realisation that I’m preferring writing the direction of the story; setting the scene, the themes, the silliness of it more than writing the characters. I feel this is the ultimate sin of a writer and in a way feel this is wrong of me.  Surely a character should take precedence over everything as it’s their journey we follow, their thoughts and actions we resonate with? I wonder if you other writers think the same?

I shall see you all again tomorrow, same time, same blog.



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Going Into Silly Depths I Think

I think I need to read my own story and see why I am doing what I’m currently doing.  Tonight a character ended up having a phone call with a pesky PPI caller, nowhere in my original idea for the story did this ever become something I’d write about. I don’t think I like it at all so I stopped before it became something I’d pour wasted hours into.

Maybe it’s the coffee, maybe it’s the lack of chocolate in the house or maybe I’m about to create something epic – either way I think tomorrow night I shall review what’s been written and tighten the strings, as the old saying goes.



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Things You Didn’t Know…

My favourite foods are mostly sweet things; cakes, chocolate, biscuits & biscuity chocolate cakes obviously.

I really like regimented routines, anything unclear or even slightly ambiguous and I do not know how to react and go into a proper meltdown.

TV shows I’m watching\have watched in the last 2 months are The Flash (watched every episode now) & 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Every now and again I will watch Come Dine With Me if the mood takes me.

If the right job came up I would return to work as the house my family and I live in is just too small.

If there were another 5 hours in a day I’d be at the gym every day.  I love the feeling after a workout.

I don’t like paying full price for things and I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for anything to save pennies where possible.  I love Quidco, Hotukdeals and subscribe and save on Amazon – big shout out to them all.

I keep falling asleep on my acupressure mat and then wake up a tad sore.

Coffee is my newest friend recently, I love going to Starbucks or Costa Coffee but my bank account hates me.

If I could have one thing in life it would be another baby, 3 is what I want.  Even though I mentioned about having a small house I think a baby is more important to me currently.

Will post more later, for now I’m off to do Yoga with my husband (his choice as he has a sore back)






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Last Entry Before Summer Holidays

Currently I have free time during the day to either write or blog but with summer holidays just round the corner I can kiss that free time goodbye.

I will still write as much as I can and keep updating on here but the posts might be smaller than normal.

Presently my brain isn’t cooperating today, think the road blocks and temporary traffic lights have been put back into action.  Let’s see if some coffee will help bulldoze through them!