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Characters in Children’s Books

When it comes to writing children’s books, one of the most significant issues you may come across are your characters. Whether you’re new to writing or you’re a professional – if you don’t have relatable characters then you need to rewrite. I’ve found this article to be helpful.

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Writing Children’s Books

I’ve recently told you about some tips for writing a rhyming book for children but what about if you only want a basic story? What sort of characters do you pick? Do you put any particular lesson learning messages in it? How do you choose the type of words, so that a child will understand?

Author Alan Durant gives some pointers to new starters. You can find his advice here.

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Children’s Picture Books

I have found an article explaining why it’s essential that children, of nearing high school age, would benefit from continuing to read picture books. I agree wholeheartedly with it, and the idea that I’d ever had to get rid of picture books for my children before they get to high school is not something I want to think about – those books are mine and my children’s worlds.

You can read it here.