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New Nonsense!

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Good evening everyone! tonight I’ve submitted my entry into the Nonsense Writing Challenge and I’m feeling in a good writing frame of mind.  I do encourage those who are needing some motivation or writing credits to give this a try.  Tomorrow I’ll be heading to my new work (I guess) A.K.A Starbucks to continue my one of my writing projects.  I’m trying to illustrate it myself so let’s see how that goes!


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The Writer Is Back

With having a much needed mini writing break I headed back to my novel writing tonight.  I haven’t touch it in a while and with the 1Kfor1K challenge I signed up to I went in with not much energy admittedly but I have written tonight.  I’ve done nearly 250 words which is all I’m going to be able to churn out tonight and with part of the rules with this challenge is to balance work with exercise I’ve opted to balance myself out by doing some yoga.

I shall say toodles and crack on with the workout.  Keep on writing and being creative!

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Writing Update

Hello readers, I am updating you with the news that I’m participating in a mini writing challenge this weekend. The aim is to balance work with exercise and thanks to Kate for setting up the challenge. 
Here is her post 1kfor1k

I’m really looking forward to this. I have been feeling very tired lately and the thought of writing just fell right off the priority list but after some yoga, meditation and an 80 minute stint on the accupuncture mat I feel ready and refreshed to visit my story and blog!

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Day #5 Writing Challenge – Ad Hoc Fiction

Back in the writing world tonight, I entered this gem of a competition Ad Hoc Fiction.

The rules for this were to follow a 150 word count max and to include the word “set”.  It was free to enter so why not give it a go yourselves?

This was my entry:

The Amateur Baker

She had never been great at baking or cooking; her culinary skills were somewhat limited to microwave meals and beans on toast.  Her heart was never content in the kitchen but as an only child and a big birthday coming up for her mum, she had agreed to bake an exquisite birthday cake for the big occasion.

Unveiling the cake to her mum proved she should stay clear of baking altogether for she had somehow squashed the bottom half of the Victoria Sponge so it looked almost L shaped with the top layer resting and drooping on it. She knew it looked nothing like the picture but her explanation was reasonable “The last step reads ‘let the cake sit’, so I made it look chair like’”.  Her mum shook her head before tapping on the recipe instructions “Let the cake set, not sit!”.

It’s loosely based on my old self, I never was into cooking, only the eating part! These days with 2 children I’m trying to venture away from freezer chicken and chips and delve more into wholesome and enjoyable flavours.

I skipped last night’s challenge and I don’t think I can double write tonight, so schedule wise and performance wise here’s how the progress has gone so far:

Day & Challenge

1 – 50 Word Stories

2 – Your Story 84

3 – Sweek Microfiction – BOOK

4 – 365 Creative Writing Prompts

5 – No Challenge Tonight

6 – Day #5 Writing Challenge – Ad Hoc Fiction

Today is technically day 6 but it’s the 5th challenge! I’m gutted but will keep on writing!


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Day #4 Writing Challenge – 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Inspired by the Prompt Me With Your Best Shot I found a great prompt for tonight’s challenge

I opted for this:

12. Greeting: Write a story or poem that starts with the word “hello”.


Hello, you’ve reached the voicemail of “MEW MEW MEW MEW”, if you’re new to this service please listen to the following options, otherwise key in the number you wish to connect to.

(I wait for the speaker to continue)

For cat food replenishment general queries press 1

For sending an apology due to litter tray being dirty for too long press 2

For admitting you were wrong about the cats unable to catch the spider press 3

For forgetting to say hello to the cats when you got back home press 4

For ignoring their middle of the night cries press 5

For disturbing their sleep for selfish reasons such as wanting a cuddle press 6

For shouting at them for throwing up fur balls on the rug press 7

For catching them washing their paws in your glass of water and as a result of your screaming they spilt it all down themselves causing extra cleaning hassle when they wanted to go and kill the wood pigeon instead press 8

For not smiling at them press 9

For smiling too much press 0

Or if you wish to speak with one of the operators please be aware “MEW MEW MEW MEW” does not tolerate the above antics so any feelings of guilt and hopelessness you have is perfectly acceptable and makes them happy.  Please go and beg them for forgiveness.

(I will chance it and speak with an operator)

Connecting to an operator, you are in position 3.

(3? – I look over to the front room where my husband and 2 children are all on phones, my husband is pleading down the phone, I hear the words “I’m clumsy”, “It was all my fault” and “I will do whatever you want” and decide to hang up and decide to give them an apologetic supply of biscuits next time I see them, I just wanted to know where they are!).


Some of the above suggestions have happened (as a cat owner, who doesn’t go through this?) and although the prompt may be putting my 2 cats in a position of incredible power and potential negativity I love, respect and adore them to bits.  Love you Spud and Rodney.

The picture was taken at lunch time today








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Day #3 Writing Challenge – Sweek Microfiction – BOOK

Tonight’s challenge came from a website called Sweek, there are a lot of competitions on here and I feel there may be other nights where I drift back to it.

It took my whole 2+ hours to write tonight, then edit, then add extra in and then edit again, repeat until the maximum 200 word count is reached.

Please click the link below to view the entry, I think the judging is based on hashtag likes so click away.

A Large Book

I may expand on this micro story for my children, I think they’d enjoy it.

Until tomorrow readers, goodnight and keep on writing.


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Day #2 Writing Challenge – Your Story 84

Good evening readers.

Tonight’s challenge has come from Your Story #84

The rules are 25 words or fewer based on the image above.  I’m not able to publish the submission but if I was a pushy sales rep I’d say it was the best in the business.

Give it a go, it’s free to enter.  What have you got to lose?

I will start venturing into longer challenges around the 15th day.  Interestingly, because of the constraints with these super short pieces of work, I’m having to make every word count and so the thinking process behind the idea and its fruition is enjoyable but tricky.

Also a thing to note if anyone else decides to undertake this sort of challenge, plot in advance which competitions you will enter otherwise a good chunk of each writing session might consist of searching google…and that never turns out well does it?


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Day #1 Writing Challenge – 50 Word Stories

The silly splinter jammed under my finger came out tonight after it had embedded itself in my hand for several hours today.  Itchy and sore are the best words to describe the wound.  Once done I then proceeded with the writing challenge.  I started a little later tonight, much later than expected so I looked for a short competition to kick start this challenge off.  I came across this little gem:

The submission has been entered and as an added twist I had to include a third person biography which was something new but the words just seem to pour out in coherent sentences, like it was all stored in my brain waiting for this opportunity.

I recommend giving it a go, it’s free to enter and there’s a chance to feature on their website.

Predator by Tanya Butler

He was lurking near the kitchen, peering around the door, going unnoticed.  Optimal situation. His line of fire was clear and precise. The target would never know it’s harrowing fate. Silence all around.

Then “BHAM!” Chip pounced on the fly that had been taunting his fluffy cat head all morning.

Day #1 – challenge accepted and submitted.

I’m off to bed now.  Keep creating wonderful characters, vivid settings and magnificent worlds writers!


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A 30 Day Challenge

Starting tonight, when I clock on to work, I will participate in the start of a 30 day challenge. The rule is to enter a writing competition every day, the aim is to try other avenues of writing and to keep the creative train chugging along nicely.

It’s a goal that can be achieved, though it may become costly, but I feel I’m ready to exert a bit of pressure when it comes to writing.