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Cat Baby

Rodney is a baby at heart. A fluffy, biscuit-eating one!

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Cats & Presents

Spud, my black and white kitten written, brought in a partially alive mouse for the first time weeks ago. It was horrific but he’s a cat, it’s in his nature to do so. It was sweet to think he had brought it to me as a gift (that’s what they believe, right?) Then a few days ago I found he’d also brought in a very dead, deader than a dead bird – again; it was understandable. Both occasions I knew his intentions but wished so hard, he would bring me money and chocolate bars instead of animals.

Rodney, on the other hand, has just walked through the door with a roast potato!

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Confucius Cat

Confucius cat says he who waits patiently for biscuits will learn to open the kitchen door and tear open the bag when everyone else is in bed.

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Starving Cat

He begs for food

Though he has just eaten

‘Give me a treat mummy’

My victory has been beaten.

His eyes show cuteness

Yet his tummy shows round

I have to be careful

When he does nothing but hound.

He gets lots of cuddles

Play time too

But how do I stop

This cat from getting huge?!

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Cat Toys

He was having a good sniff around this non cat toy the other day. I wonder if he thinks the tuna tin in the cupboard contains real tuna

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Do Not Disturb

“Don’t take the picture yet, we haven’t made ourselves look even more handsome. Let us lick our own bums first next time!” -Spud and Rodney