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Blog Update

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a long time, a lot of little things have unfortunately been high priority, most importantly the birth of my twin daughters.

I don’t like leaving things unfinished and I don’t like that I left a short story incomplete, I need to get back into the swing of things. I hope in the upcoming weeks to get this blog nice and readable, enjoyable and back to business, as it were.

Thanks for reading!

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Publishers on Twitter

To keep up to date with potential publishers I am following a lot of them on twitter, and I enjoy following their stories.  They like to retweet work from their clients, obviously.  Then there are some who are very passionate about charities and want to support the causes on top of advertising themselves.  This to me is ideal.  It shows professionalism and passion and those elements are good indicators of a hard-working publishing house.

Have you seen anything from a publisher or an agent that’s made you feel differently about them?

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Writing Job

As my youngest is attending nursery, I have some free time during the week. As you know, I tend to drive up to Starbucks and sit and write there (I am there right now!), but I have been thinking.

If the right job came up, I would probably return to work.  Is it too much to ask for a job that:

  • I could work on a Monday and Tuesday only?
  • Starts at 9:30am and finishes at 3pm?
  • Is a writing job? As in, do any local businesses or universities need a writer/ideas person?

Those would be the 3 critical requirements.  For too long I’ve applied for jobs that I’ve ALWAYS seen as a stop gap, and there’s no way I’m going back that sort of work life.  I want to write for a living.  As I’m trying to get published at the moment, I see myself as self-employed but without the pay! If I could start getting the pay for work in the same field then hurrah!


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Submitting Work

No matter how much you double, triple, quadruple or even double-triple-quadruple read the guidelines for an agency there’s always that moment, once you’ve hit sent, where you think “Did I do it all correctly?”

That’s my current state of mind!

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Write or Gym?

Tonight I’m scheduled in for a fitness class at the gym, but I’m in 2 minds over it. This is due to last nights wasted writing session. I wanted to write, but the laptop had had an update, and so for nearly an hour I sat there and waited patiently.

By the time it had finished I was very tired and so headed off to bed instead.

I still very much want to write tonight, but the gym is also calling too. What to do, what to do?

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Inspiration For A Writer

Today I have found that inspiration or, that inner fire, is trying to get me to concentrate on project robot at this current hour. As much as I would like it, I am unable to as I’m having lunch with my youngest.

If that fire could hold on until 19:00 ish then I will be able to carry on then.

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When In Starbucks

Guzzle the coffee – status: in progress

Open the laptop and wait for inspiration to kick in – status: pending

Hate hayfever for causing poor sleep – status: complete

Ponder over what to have for breakfast – status: pending



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Looking For A Literary Agent

With sending my manuscript off lately, I can keep myself busy with other projects, old and new. I’m prepared for rejection, but at the same time, I’m not 100% sure what would happen next when an agency gets in touch.

Even though it may take months\years how do you react and process acceptance if it should occur?

Good old Google has provided insights of what other authors have gone through; I wonder if any of my readers have a story or advice to share?!