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Winter Contrails

The sun creates magical images in the sky.

I call this pattern ‘leaves’.

The contrails create the spine of a leaf and it looks almost like a protecting hand over the winter sky.

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Flying With The Moon

Plane – ‘If I can fly with you, we will be together forever, right?’

Moon – ‘Though we are both drawn to the stars and beyond I’m afraid we will always continue to travel in different directions. But to the eyes beneath us we will always fly high’

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Cecil’s Riddle

For those who tried to help poor Cecil well done for guessing the answer


Join me in next week’s game of Riddle Me This. Same time, same place!

N.b. 0 out of 10 for consistency with the ant pictures, if I could draw ants this wouldn’t be an issue.


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Riddle Me This


Cecil needs your help!


My first is in flea but not in fly

My second is in town but not in tonne – why?

Because my third is in warning but not in waning

Said the fourth ant who’s not into complaining

Instead, he likes the fifth dish but has no dosh

So he saw the sixth horse, which was far from posh

The ant gathered his thoughts which were all jumbled together

“am I going to be able to make sense of all these letters?”


Can you help poor Cecil out?







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First Day Of The Summer Holidays

And all is going well in the house,

Not a creature is stirring but my youngest is playing with a toy mouse.

My eldest is glued to the TV screen,

It’s a glum day today so no need for sun cream.

The cats are asleep and coffee is keeping me awake,

No need to rush around until tea time when I will cook steak.