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No Writing Tonight

Due to some bugs in my house I’m not writing tonight. When I say bugs I don’t mean bugs bunny but the virusy-cold type ones!

I will move my 3rd project goal to next Sunday instead. Keep it easy, achievable and simple.

Yes I realise I’m able to blog but my story writing head is just not in it tonight – sorry folks!

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My Parks & Very Recreational Habit

It’s a bit of a writing update in a way but I’ve not progressed on my 3rd project this week. I recently discovered the TV show ‘Parks and Recreation’ and have been binge watching it once my children are in bed.

Sunday’s are my most productive days for writing so I will aim for some sort of sitting-at the-laptop-and-creating-my-magic- work tomorrow.

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Why I Motivate

You may have realised that over the past few weeks I’m posting daily motivational quotes for my readers. If they help you in any way then that’s my work done.

I find, by looking for the quotes and then posting them on my blog, that it also helps me with my writing. Whether that’s ideas, progression, characters etc. I think if I didn’t motivate on here I’d struggle to be motivated if that makes sense!

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Rainbow Road

On yesterdays road trip we drove through a double rainbow. I haven’t seen the end of a rainbow before and it was hitting the road so it was pretty cool.