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I Feel Like There Is A Block

This past week my writing has either been in the hundreds per session or really off tangent and sometimes a mixture of both.  I thought it was down to prioritising WordPress but I think I’m having a block as I have no inspiration to want to write out that story currently, feel like it needs a rest. Grr, so annoying!

I will give myself a weekend break from it and pick up again properly on Monday, start the week afresh and positive.

Wish me luck.

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Last Entry Before Summer Holidays

Currently I have free time during the day to either write or blog but with summer holidays just round the corner I can kiss that free time goodbye.

I will still write as much as I can and keep updating on here but the posts might be smaller than normal.

Presently my brain isn’t cooperating today, think the road blocks and temporary traffic lights have been put back into action.  Let’s see if some coffee will help bulldoze through them!

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Personal Obstacle

I have posted another article and thought I’d share my own experience on the advice within.

The coffee drinking I have done, 2 cups and have churned out about 700 words this morning.  I stopped over thinking things to the nth degree and just wrote the current scene that I had started last night.  Some paragraphs will need a re-write, the sub plots and the multitasking involved went well simply because I just wrote presently.  A big obstacle for myself was thinking:

“What will I get my character to say?”

“How will the other character react?”

“What if it starts going in the wrong direction?”

“How does this link in with the main plot?”

“Is this actually relevant?”

“How will I feel at the end?”

“Am I enjoying writing this?”

“What if this doesn’t work?”

And it just got to a point where every question I had just blocked me from writing at all.  I’m taking my own advice (Thank you Tan!) and am feeling confident I know the whole story so am motivating myself that way today.  It’s all in my head and it now just needs to make its way onto paper, well Word for now!



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And The Results Are In

I quite enjoy it when I can just write without overthinking things, it is like my brain connections have removed their traffic cones, barriers, stop signs and it’s all a go go go.  Everything makes sense, nothing is wrong and it’s all perfect writing, no need to edit or re-do a single thing.

So drum roll

I got to 1330 words in 80 minutes, woo!

I’m very happy, I know it’ll all need working on later but I have wrote it and I think that was an obstacle I just had to either jump over or collapse at and cave in.  But I did it – yay!

I gave up on writing the end for now, I have the bulk of it and instead I concentrated on the chapter which was the catalyst for the whole story.

Here is a snippet:

Normally Hal was awake before the alarm, like children typically are, and would be mooching around the floor waiting for Clark.  Today he was still in bed.

Now if I could only be in this exact frame of mind every time I sit in front of the laptop then I’d be winning. Must remember to be this positive about it tonight!

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Another Writing Course

A while ago I invested in another writing course, this one was how to write fiction for adults as oppose to how to write for children which was the first online course I completed.  It took months and eventually I reached the end of it, got the certificate and bought the book, really enjoyed the learning and the knowledge gained from it.  The big question is, is do I start this second course just yet?

Here is my predicament:

If I did, it means I’d be starting up yet another project and to be quite frank my original project seems to have come to a halt.  Or do I try and force myself to complete it, have as many projects as possible on the go and see which, if any, can motivate me to continue writing.

The main project is becoming quite hard and that’s mainly because I’m having to think of ways around the various obstacles I’m coming up against.  I’m still mapping it all out but I’m also trying to concentrate on writing the ending so I know how to get to it.

Hmmm, not sure what to do. I don’t want to stop writing but I think if I get this course going it might give me that inspiration – then again it might not. Maybe I just need to give myself some more time instead of thinking things should be done by X time?

Over the past couple of days I have been checking out other bloggers and I have often dropped comments on their articles.  One piece of advice I gave someone was to just write something, even if it’s small – but I just can’t seem to take my own advice!!!!

So annoying, I’m trying, really trying but am thinking more about the crisps I’m eating than the story I should be writing.

What to do, what to do?


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Early Bird…Part 2

I am pretty tired sat here currently. My brain is happy to sit in a sleepy dozy state. Unfortunately there is no progress today at all, no thoughts, no notes on anything writing wise, kind of come to a stop.

Like the picture above though, the focus is still on the road ahead. There is one and I need to turn the brain engine on again and put my foot down…vroom vroom

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The Ending

I am writing the ending as we speak, just taking a quick tea swig break. I know where I want the story to finish, but only to an extent. As I’m writing I’m finding obstruction after obstruction, I’m just not able to freely write it out as it all needs mapping properly BUT this is how I would write normally, it’s just at THAT stage.

I haven’t written a novel, ever, I have wrote a lot of scripts for TV (again, silly ones but my tutor said I was destined to write for children((he even wanted me to continue on to get the Masters degree but I couldn’t afford it))but I have done my homework on how it needs to be done. The ironic thing is, is that out of all the writing that’s been done for this novel, the speaking parts have been the most challenging, when you’d think they’d be the easiest due my background – strange huh?

The lessons learnt from doing homework are:

1 – Map it all out, story, character, theme and map it out darn well <—doing tonight
2 – Write, write and write more. Then when you’re happy with it, re-write until you can’t do anymore.
3 – Make it exciting. Would I want to read it to my children? does it stand out from the crowd?
4 – Visualize everything and everyone, look for loopholes and ensure they don’t happen.

That’s all my brain can express at the mo, useful notes for when I’m going back through my blog at a later date.