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No Writing Tonight

Due to some bugs in my house I’m not writing tonight. When I say bugs I don’t mean bugs bunny but the virusy-cold type ones!

I will move my 3rd project goal to next Sunday instead. Keep it easy, achievable and simple.

Yes I realise I’m able to blog but my story writing head is just not in it tonight – sorry folks!

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My Parks & Very Recreational Habit

It’s a bit of a writing update in a way but I’ve not progressed on my 3rd project this week. I recently discovered the TV show ‘Parks and Recreation’ and have been binge watching it once my children are in bed.

Sunday’s are my most productive days for writing so I will aim for some sort of sitting-at the-laptop-and-creating-my-magic- work tomorrow.

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Quiet Weekends

With my favourite show back on TV (1 of 2, the other being The Flash which has also started up again this week), my evenings are taken up with Strictly Come Dancing. I’m an armchair judge, loving celebs which I never cared for, dancing with their pro’s and I’m happily looking forward to watching each episode.

As a result there won’t be much opportunity to write at the weekends but I’m OK with that.

Hope you are all keeping busy and will update in due course.

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Blogged Out

I’m not quite feeling myself these days with writing or blogging. I made a promise (to myself)to post and to write something every single day but that’s not happened for several days.  Essentially my brain has wandered off and taken my motivation with it!

Consider the 30 day challenge a fail as I have no desire to go back to it and it was probably a bit unrealistic to do with only a couple of hours to spare in the evenings.

I hate knowing my thinking, my drive has changed and hopefully it’ll only be a temporary thing but I just wanted to update you as there’s been no activity on my blog for a couple of days which isn’t like me at all.

Keep on writing readers, will check in again soon.

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No Challenge Tonight

Day 5 and I’ve already paused the challenge. Does this mean I’ve failed? I will aim for 2 challenges tomorrow night instead, or at least try.

I need a bit of a break and complete some household chores that haven’t been done for a bit.

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Nonsense Writing

Tonight I have taken a break from the story and as promised I’ve started looking into short stories and checking out competitions.

I entered this little gem of a competition, Nonsense Writing, as a writer who often enjoys writing for this genre I had a fun evening coming up with this:

Clumsy Fruits


Justine the Orange was red.  She had been sunbathing too long and felt a bit crispy.  Her husband Dennis, the cucumber, was purple. He had fallen down the stairs and was heavily bruised.  This was their worst holiday yet.

Roderick the potato, was their holiday representative and green in colour because he was extremely unwell.  “Let me get someone who can help you” spoke Roderick through a sick bag.  With a click of his fingers he summoned over Billy the Lemon, he was blue for he had spilt ink from a fountain pen all over himself.  Roderick pointed to the couple and Billy took over “I’m sorry to hear you’re not having a great holiday but as you can see we are all having similar issues too” he motioned his arm around the office, everyone was effected by this sudden surge of clumsiness. “If I were you I’d get on the first plane out of here as soon as you can” and ushered them out of the door.

Together they looked a walking disaster so the local bar man, a human, turned them into a delicious smoothie because that’s what you do with fruit when it starts to go off.

Good luck to all writers who are currently entering competitions.  Catch you tomorrow.

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I Hate This!

Tonight I won’t be writing. I need to go to the gym as well as do a few other bits and bobs around the house so I need to have a break from writing.


I will give my current story a read over and make some notes on where I feel it’s going wrong.

As a side note…

If you can’t already tell I’m hooked/addicted to WordPress, I don’t know why I didn’t join it sooner. Is it bad of me to say I feel it’s more important to keep at my blog than my book writing?

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Change Of Plan

The gym didn’t happen tonight, just wasn’t feeling it, the same goes for the writing. It is OK to have a night off from it but I need to learn the right balance, especially in the early days when there’s not much steam behind this project.

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It’s Surely A Night Off?

I’m keeping this short. It’s Saturday, my children are in bed, I have spent 2 hours ironing and have only just sat down so there’s been no writing today.

Although, I have been trying to work out if I want my main character to be a piece of meat or an animal, maybe I will just write 2 versions and see which works out the best.