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An Open Letter to my Protagonist…

Tonight I tried a little exercise suggested from bloggers Uninspired Writers.

The idea is to get you thinking about your protagonist more and included some helpful pointers to ponder whilst writing.  It sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

I found it a lot more difficult than expected! however my character isn’t fully developed yet, mostly ideas with a general journey plotted for them so I couldn’t yet go into too much detail.  I might even try this again further down the line to see how the letter differs.

Here is what I said, I have kept the name hidden and used his animal type as the replacement name.

Dear Pig,

Thought’ I’d drop a little inspiration to you as I believe you’re not in a good place currently. It can’t be easy feeling down in the dumps especially living in a village that’s vibrant and full of life at every turn.  I hope one day your dreams will come true and that you’ll feel loved and be loved by someone who’ll never leave your side.

I heard that no one gives you the time of day, that must be difficult considering you have a lot of siblings to compete against, I would have thought it’d be easy for you to be amongst people but I guess I’m wrong there, sorry about that!

There is hope for you but you must have confidence in yourself and rise over the fear which battles internally.  There is a time for thinking and time for doing and I think you’ve done enough to finally go out into the world and show them what you’ve got.  Go get ‘em.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

I felt a bit uneasy writing this if I’m honest, I’m no good with personal expression especially when it’s so heart felt.  It is a personal exercise but on the plus side the result has given me a lot of questions to ask (and answer), more character development ideas and has actually helped the overall plot line, I can see it clearer in my head and my notes now.  So thanks to Uninspired Writers for inspiring! I definitely recommend giving this a go.

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Going Into Silly Depths I Think

I think I need to read my own story and see why I am doing what I’m currently doing.  Tonight a character ended up having a phone call with a pesky PPI caller, nowhere in my original idea for the story did this ever become something I’d write about. I don’t think I like it at all so I stopped before it became something I’d pour wasted hours into.

Maybe it’s the coffee, maybe it’s the lack of chocolate in the house or maybe I’m about to create something epic – either way I think tomorrow night I shall review what’s been written and tighten the strings, as the old saying goes.



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Hmm, What To Do?

With changing the main character to a pig it means his love interest needs a change too.  Originally she was called Tilly Tissue Paper and was exactly that, a piece of tissue.  I need a good think on what animal to turn her into, I don’t know if I want another pig because a part of the story at the end would have gone like this:

Pig (name hidden) was so happy that he ran over to Tilly and was full of confidence he couldn’t stop smiling at her.  She was very excited to see him. ‘I did it Tilly!’ and in a quick burst he started to breakout into dance which the whole crowd rallied behind.  ‘Oh yeah, look at me bopping my feet, come and roll with me Tilly, come and roll’.  

It was such a strange thing to witness, a piece of ham and tissue rolling together but oddly enough it worked.

The last sentence helps add to the feel of the story and I’d like to keep it so I need to work out the love interest character and try and re jig the story a bit more. Must get my thinking cap on again!