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Hmm, What To Do?

With changing the main character to a pig it means his love interest needs a change too.  Originally she was called Tilly Tissue Paper and was exactly that, a piece of tissue.  I need a good think on what animal to turn her into, I don’t know if I want another pig because a part of the story at the end would have gone like this:

Pig (name hidden) was so happy that he ran over to Tilly and was full of confidence he couldn’t stop smiling at her.  She was very excited to see him. ‘I did it Tilly!’ and in a quick burst he started to breakout into dance which the whole crowd rallied behind.  ‘Oh yeah, look at me bopping my feet, come and roll with me Tilly, come and roll’.  

It was such a strange thing to witness, a piece of ham and tissue rolling together but oddly enough it worked.

The last sentence helps add to the feel of the story and I’d like to keep it so I need to work out the love interest character and try and re jig the story a bit more. Must get my thinking cap on again!