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The Boys On The Window Sill

Spud and Rodney having a chill out on their cat beds. They don’t like their picture being taken today it seems.

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Throw Back Friday

Spud and Rodney after their first night home. They loved the laundry bins for a place to sleep but they now prefer to nap under my bed!

As you can see they were super fluffy back at 8 weeks old but I assumed all kittens were like that.  Little did I know they’d grow up to be super giant fluff balls of cuteness!

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Day #4 Writing Challenge – 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Inspired by the Prompt Me With Your Best Shot I found a great prompt for tonight’s challenge

I opted for this:

12. Greeting: Write a story or poem that starts with the word “hello”.


Hello, you’ve reached the voicemail of “MEW MEW MEW MEW”, if you’re new to this service please listen to the following options, otherwise key in the number you wish to connect to.

(I wait for the speaker to continue)

For cat food replenishment general queries press 1

For sending an apology due to litter tray being dirty for too long press 2

For admitting you were wrong about the cats unable to catch the spider press 3

For forgetting to say hello to the cats when you got back home press 4

For ignoring their middle of the night cries press 5

For disturbing their sleep for selfish reasons such as wanting a cuddle press 6

For shouting at them for throwing up fur balls on the rug press 7

For catching them washing their paws in your glass of water and as a result of your screaming they spilt it all down themselves causing extra cleaning hassle when they wanted to go and kill the wood pigeon instead press 8

For not smiling at them press 9

For smiling too much press 0

Or if you wish to speak with one of the operators please be aware “MEW MEW MEW MEW” does not tolerate the above antics so any feelings of guilt and hopelessness you have is perfectly acceptable and makes them happy.  Please go and beg them for forgiveness.

(I will chance it and speak with an operator)

Connecting to an operator, you are in position 3.

(3? – I look over to the front room where my husband and 2 children are all on phones, my husband is pleading down the phone, I hear the words “I’m clumsy”, “It was all my fault” and “I will do whatever you want” and decide to hang up and decide to give them an apologetic supply of biscuits next time I see them, I just wanted to know where they are!).


Some of the above suggestions have happened (as a cat owner, who doesn’t go through this?) and although the prompt may be putting my 2 cats in a position of incredible power and potential negativity I love, respect and adore them to bits.  Love you Spud and Rodney.

The picture was taken at lunch time today








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Cats & Tents – A Link Perhaps?

I was rummaging around in the attic a few nights ago and found an old play tent for my eldest. I knew it had a couple of holes in but I took it out and assembled it and within seconds my cats were swarming around the tent. Is it made from partial catnip perhaps? I know for a fact if I were to go out and purchase a special cat tent they would not care for it at all!

Its a huge play tent but will pass it onto a good home, it’s not something I could keep out all the time. I think I found a niche in the market though – buying a toddler play tent but secretly it’s for the cats. All packaging should be marketed towards children but in the top corner in small print there’s a circle with a picture of the cat with the words ‘for cats only, shh!’

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My Cats Have Been Fighting In The Night

I found a collar in the landing upstairs this morning, it can only mean one thing…

Spud started a fight, to which he would’ve lost as Rodney is the bigger of the 2 cats, fluff is all over the downstairs rug too.

I bet they had cuddles afterwards, I need to set up cameras in my house to capture their weird and wonderful moments!

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Introducing My Cats

As my blog name is inspired by my passion for my cats I may as well show you pictures of them, I will dedicate future posts to them, maybe on a weekly basis.


This is Rodney, he is the cuddliest kitten witten to me but is more like a jaguar or a panther to everyone else, he will bolt past you in a flash, scratch you if you get right up in his face but night time is a different story. He lets anyone and everyone give him cuddles only if you are lead down in bed. He loves EMCs as I call them – Early Morning Cuddles and will go as far as scratching you if you aren’t making him purr more! The paw has been in my mouth or eye socket too many times but I love it.


This contortionist of a kitty is called Spud. He isn’t as long haired as his brother but when malting I could probably create another Spud size cat out of the fur alone! Spud isn’t that keen on people and will stay up stairs most of the day until my children are in bed and will make an appearance. He caught his first bird recently, I don’t think he really knew what to do with it as he is a house cat and doesn’t go outside that much. I want that to change though, watch this space and see if I can change that. Spud likes just the one toy, an orange stick, he likes to play chase on the bed with it. Recently he has started liking catnip so I might see if he will take to the other toys.

If my cats could add something to this post it’d be this ‘mew mew mew meowwww’ which, according to google translate, comes back as ‘I WANT MORE FOOD’. It’s all they want!