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Short Story: Finn the Frog and his Missing Star

Next in my short stories collection, I have a tale about a frog who lives in the jungle.  Enjoy the read, please give any feedback and provide any criticism. Thanks.


Finn was a bright green frog. He lived in the jungle where beautiful colours could be seen wherever you looked. One thing he loved to do was go down to the river and practise swimming. He was a good swimmer, one of the best out of his friends; this was mainly due to his extra webbed feet. Most frogs have five toes on the back feet, but Finn had eight. This gave him speed in the water, bravery on the land and although he stood out from his friends, he liked how unique it made him feel.

The jungle was the best place to live; every day was different, he would see Terry and Tessa Tiger teaching their young how to grow up to become strong and powerful. Other days he would see Percy Parrot searching for food in the oddest of places, some days, if it suited Finn, he would go and help. It made him feel like he was on an adventure, plus Percy gave good piggyback rides.

Finn loved adventures, and he would always take his star flag with him. It was a special little flag because it had many purposes. During the day he would use it to wave to his friends, and at night he would sleep underneath it and use it as a blanket. In the summer he would roll it up and use it as a pillow only. It went with him everywhere, so it could also enjoy the same adventures Finn had.

Waking up from his lovely nighttime sleep, Finn rubbed his eyes and went to take the flag off him, but it wasn’t there. He patted around lazily because sometimes it would be next to him on the soil, but again he couldn’t feel it. At this point, Finn decided to sit upright and take a good look around because it just had to be there. But it wasn’t. He looked all around, even glancing up in the trees, thinking maybe he has thrown it off himself during the night, yet he still couldn’t see it anywhere. “No, oh no, oh no, where are you?” he frantically muttered as he started brushing the leaves and the soil away because he thought maybe it had got buried in the night somehow, but it just wasn’t there. For the first time ever, Finn felt really sad.



Find out in the next part what happens with Finn.  Can he cope without his star flag? Where has it gone? Can anyone help poor Finn out?


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