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Review: Best Friends

Next in my reviews is a sweet and happy book called Best Friends, written by Mara Bergman and illustrated by Nicola Slater.

Printed by Hodders Children’s Books, the story intertwines the adventures of three dogs and how their escapades bring three people together.

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My Rating: 9 out of 10
Son’s Rating: 9 out of 10

In my opinion, the book does a superb job at being a fun and enjoyable read.  I particularly liked how each dog has its own tale (or tail!) and the illustrations perfectly match the tone and goals set by Mara so very well.

The thing I love about this book is how simple and easy the rhyming text is to read.  The main focus is on the dogs and each character has a unique trait but, as any dog owner will tell you, the dogs also share the same goals – in this instance it’s playtime!

The humans are likeable too, even the background ones, Nicola really does a wonderful job at the simple but effective illustrations, a favourite part of the story is Dexter shaking all of the water off himself.   I can’t find fault with the children in the story, as a huge cat fanatic myself, I found myself drawn to the loveable dogs.

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I’d say the age range for this book is those aimed at primary school, around 4 to 8-year-olds.  I find it an original story, which could easily be adapted into a film or for an older audience.  The strong theme of friendship is highlighted throughout the story, I like how each dog has a good relationship with the children, and how the children easily manage to form their own new friendships.

My eldest loved this book.  When I first bought it, he wanted to re-read it several times over, his name is within the book too, which was an added bonus for him, I think.

Mara has done an excellent job of achieving her goals within the story, Nicola, with the illustrations too.  If you aren’t a dog fan by the end of the book you need to re-read it!

This is another book where I think “Why didn’t I come up with that idea?” type of realisations.  I like stories that have a lot of layers and plots and this ticked those boxes.

Comments from my son:

“I love the part where the dogs jump into the water

“I love this book”

If you liked this read, try Snip Snap by Mara Bergman



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