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Pay To Publish?

There’s pretty much always a way to get your manuscript published, either by finding an agent, going directly to a publisher or crowdfunding. If you want it that bad, you’ll find the right way for you.

A few weeks ago I submitted my work to a publisher, without doing full homework on it and today it’s come full circle on me. I will tell you the name to help others. Austin Macauley.

After sending my work off, I got an email saying they were interested but that the next step would to get it approved by the board of editors and they’d be in touch. So far, responses to project one have been a no, all very nice and professional about it, some provided useful web links etc. As soon as I received a potential yes I went to look at the publisher further to see what the next steps will be.

They basically want money from me in order to publish. Today I received a contract through the post which I will not sign. I don’t have £2500 to go down this route and even if I did I would not pay to publish.

Would you?