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Saturday Agent Time

I’ve concentrated on looking for a literary agent this morning.  If you’ve not done this task before, you might think it can’t be that hard surely? Google, get an email address and submit. You’d be very wrong, to say the least.

Starting with Google is a definite, but then the hard work really comes in after that point.  So you find an agent, you then have a look at their successes, what clients they represent and what books have been published.  It’s at this point where you leave the website and go back to square one.  More than likely you’ll find out around this stage if your manuscript would have fit in.  If it did, then you would have gone to the submissions page.  So you research again, and again and you keep on going until you find one that ticks all of your boxes.

Then next you look at the agents and what they are seeking, if they aren’t looking your type of work then go back to square one again. Keep on going until all of the above has been addressed.

Finally you’re at the exciting point, the submissions page. If you’ve done your homework then typically a good 80% of their criteria has already been completed, and you just tailor the covering letter, maybe change the font or file size quickly – all are simple jobs.

The process, for me this morning, has taken an hour.  Just to find someone who will represent the children’s picture book I’ve written.  I’ve even tried looking for a publisher directly who will accept unsolicited manuscripts, but I think I’ve got the determination and the skill to find an agent and go down a more accomplished route.  The more I do all of this, the more I’m picking up the necessary abilities to accomplish my task.  I will get there!