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Submitting Work

No matter how much you double, triple, quadruple or even double-triple-quadruple read the guidelines for an agency there’s always that moment, once you’ve hit sent, where you think “Did I do it all correctly?”

That’s my current state of mind!

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Picture Book Manuscript Template

If you follow the instructions carefully from editing-writing your work should look something similar to this:


Kipper Kipperson

12 Kipperton Road










By Kipper Kipperson



Once upon a time, in the forest, there lived a maiden. Her name was Aurora, after the dawn. Born to the King and Queen, she was bestowed a thousand gifts from well-wishers and family from all around the kingdom. Everyone was in awe of this beautiful child, except one, Maleficent.

Maleficent was a jealous and cruel woman yet she had very magical powers.  On the day of Aurora’s christening, she turned up uninvited and placed a curse on the very sweet an innocent child.



Remember to include headers with surname/title of work and page numbers. From personal experience, do your research and follow the publisher’s guidelines.


UPDATE: “Word count” needs to be top right but my blog moved it over to the left instead. 0.5 paragraph indents were also stripped.  I can’t upload my word document template otherwise I’d just send that over.


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Confucius Cat

Confucius cat says he who waits patiently for biscuits will learn to open the kitchen door and tear open the bag when everyone else is in bed.

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Gym and Thoughts

I opted for the gym as it’s equally important to exercise my body as well as my mind and I can happily say, from a vigorous workout, I’ve been rethinking project robot.

Its nothing major but the first draft, I think, needs a bit of shuffling around somewhat so instead of just rewriting the sentences I should map it all out again and from that framework of view find the best way to get to the end.

As a short story it should still be accomplished within a couple of weeks.

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Mobile Writing

I can only do so much on my mobile. The tools are there to churn out book after book, but the speed isn’t, the screen isn’t, and a big keyboard isn’t.

I’m sure there are writers out there who have published a lot of work using only their thumbs for typing, but I don’t have that skill. Plus I’m quite happy to do work old-school style.

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Write or Gym?

Tonight I’m scheduled in for a fitness class at the gym, but I’m in 2 minds over it. This is due to last nights wasted writing session. I wanted to write, but the laptop had had an update, and so for nearly an hour I sat there and waited patiently.

By the time it had finished I was very tired and so headed off to bed instead.

I still very much want to write tonight, but the gym is also calling too. What to do, what to do?