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Project Three – First Draft

Tonight I’ve sat and gone through project three, my personal favourite for many reasons and I’m happy with the results so far.  Either tomorrow or in a few days I plan to go back to it and edit again, eliminate everything wrong with it etc.  As it’s a rhyming story it is somewhat harder to polish up as there are challenging restrictions but in two hours I’ve managed to do a significant rewrite on the original, so I’m going to leave it there and let the dust settle for now.

Currently, my google searches mostly consist of

  • “What rhymes with …”
  • “Synonyms for …”

They have helped massively.

If you’ve written a rhyming story, have you got any advice or tips you’d like to share?





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Publisher’s Help

After browsing for an agent to submit my work to, I came across Maverick.  I won’t be able to send my current manuscript to them as the story does not fit their requirements BUT I did find some helpful tips for those who could do with a bit of guidance.


I think project three will be suitable for Maverick though, so let’s see what happens once that is ready for submitting.

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A Cold Writer

Unbelievably, in the hottest week of the year, I have somehow, miraculously come down with a cold. On the plus side, my hay fever has subsided dramatically, but I’m left with sore bones, a blocked nose and a general ill feeling. I wasn’t able to write last night but will more than make up for it tonight instead.

I was looking forward to project three for ages as well!

What do you do when illness strikes? Do you take some time off away from writing or do you plough on through?

P.S I use the word ‘miraculously’ in a negative way, as in, I don’t sit there and wish for illnesses to happen.