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Publishing Stories

As you know, I’ve been sharing my process of finding a literary agent and so far I can confirm I have had two rejections. I haven’t feel deflated or defeated, but it has encouraged me to keep on going. Whether the manuscript gets published or not, I do believe I WILL get something published one day; If I keep writing, the determination will pay off. There’s no other option.

What stories, good or bad, can you share about looking for a publisher or agent?

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As far as special days go, this is an excellent opportunity to get back to writing, if you’ve stopped. If you’ve got a lot of steam behind your current project then carry on going – you can do it.

Regardless of the ridiculous heat currently scorching the UK you should try and take a positive and instead of sitting in the sun, go in the shade, open the laptop and pour everything out of your brain into words and sentences.

You can do it!