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Looking For A Literary Agent

With sending my manuscript off lately, I can keep myself busy with other projects, old and new. I’m prepared for rejection, but at the same time, I’m not 100% sure what would happen next when an agency gets in touch.

Even though it may take months\years how do you react and process acceptance if it should occur?

Good old Google has provided insights of what other authors have gone through; I wonder if any of my readers have a story or advice to share?!



"I loved writing as a child, loved making up silly stories. They came built-in to my brain, almost like an Ikea instruction manual. The focus these days is to figure out how to now turn them into books" Tanya Butler, June 2018

5 thoughts on “Looking For A Literary Agent

  1. I am also seeking representation for my first novel. As you stated, I am also “prepared for rejection” as I have had many throughout the past year, but I like your question on what to do when one is accepted. I have read many articles over the past few years on becoming published, agents, representation, etc., but the only thing I remember coming across regarding being accepted is to make sure you read the fine print! I guess the fine print would be anything that an agent or literary agency would send your way. I do know that most agents ask for a full manuscript before proposing to represent one’s work of writing. If a contract or agreement is asked upon being accepted for publication, I would definitely seek out professional/legal help where someone can read “the fine print” for you whom may also be able to understand it better than “we” as writers may be able to. Don’t rush into anything and take your time doing your homework on the agency and agent, what books they represent, etc.. GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the kind words and advice. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to find an agent and publisher. Its a long road ahead, but if you keep driving forward on it you will get there in the end.

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