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Now An Author!


My story has now been published in the Nonsensically Challenged Volume 2.  Thanks to Christopher Fielden for setting up the challenge and putting the book together.  You should definitely buy it, either for inspiration, for giggles or simply to help the Daisy Garland charity.

I believe the 3rd challenge is well under way, check it out here as it’s the easiest thing to enter.


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Starbucks Writing

Hello readers!

It’s been a while but I aim to get back on track and let the creative juices flow.  My youngest has started nursery recently with his brother which means I’m all on my own for several hours in the mornings and I thought what better way to spend it than writing? here I am sat in a very chilled out Starbucks, with a latte.  I have 4 projects to edit and illustrate (still not sure how to go about the latter) so I will crack on with that and get back in the swing of things.


Happy writing everyone.