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Mid Week Motivation

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Tuesday Poem

Tuesdays are second

They make Mondays better,

Only in hindsight though

Then Wednesdays are greater.


Tuesdays tend to come around

Slow as a snail,

Not much goes on, I find

Mostly checking emails.


Before I know it

The evening has arrived,

The middle of the week

Has turned up right before my eyes.


My weeks fly by

Yet there are slow times too,

But I’m happy with this balance

Tuesdays, I’m pleased to see you.


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Sunday Relax Poem

While my family rest,

I try my best,

At wanting to work and write.


My home is my nest,

But as I type and press,

I’m tired and ready for night.


If I can write a little each day,

I can give myself leeway,

To call myself a writer.


It’s finding the middle

Of a hectic life, pickle!

But on I must. I’m a fighter.


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Sunny Moon Poem

The sun has many roles to play,

From earths pivot to ruler of all.

Then there’s the light maker, the ultimate protector,

Yet in the sky it always looks so small.


We take it for granted,

Without it we would not be here.

So imagine my surprise to look up and find,

A sunny moon appear!

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Crying Child

My eldest finds crying,

The thing that helps him win.

But when he starts, I don’t agree,

And have to bear it and grin.


Sometimes I turn to shouting,

And putting him in his place.

It’s the only thing that stops

The tears from rolling down his face.


He goes straight to crying,

No attempt at negotiating or compromise.

I explain that adults do this,

For we can’t get our way by letting floods pour from our eyes.


Then I think if I cried every time I didn’t get my way,

Surely the world would be better?

We’d show emotions all the time

With our eyes getting wetter and wetter?


In a perfect world maybe?!

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A Muscle Knot Poem

When my back feels good,

It’s great up and down my spine.

But for months I’ve had this pain,

A change to this, was about time!

Not for relaxing but for fixing,

So an appointment with a physio I got.

She really did work her wonders,

And got rid of the bunched up knots!

Then something happened later that evening,

Lately my fingers have been frozen to the core.

I sat there and all of a sudden they felt hot and normal,

Ah, relief. Goodbye pain, no more!

My body feels like everything’s working,

As it mostly should.

Next time I’ll never ignore my aches and pains,

The physio does extremely good!


Thank you to Laura at realign for sorting my back out. Greatly appreciated!



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Starving Cat

He begs for food

Though he has just eaten

‘Give me a treat mummy’

My victory has been beaten.

His eyes show cuteness

Yet his tummy shows round

I have to be careful

When he does nothing but hound.

He gets lots of cuddles

Play time too

But how do I stop

This cat from getting huge?!