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Writing Prompt

Here you go!

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Children’s Story Update

Good evening all!

It has been a while but I’ve gone back to continue on my 3rd project.

I have mapped it out now and have the right direction, my only concern is that it may be too long but isn’t that what editing is all about?!

I have done about 150+ words tonight, considering it’s a book aimed at 5 year olds and it’s told in a rhyming method that’s actually quite a lot.

Progress is progress as the old saying goes.  Hopefully I’ll update again later this week.  I have taken a break from writing recently, not sure why but my head hasn’t been into it – it probably just needed a rest.

Catch you all again soon and thanks for stopping by.

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Home Life Poem

Roses are red

Tulips are yellow

My car is dirty

My current mood is mellow.


Birds are chirpy

The sky is blue

Rodney is happy

And me too


The fence needs painting

The hallway as well

I can’t find a toy

In the fridge there’s a broken shelf


Hubby is ill

My children are great

Spud won’t go out

My house is in a clean state


There’s lots to do

Not enough hours in the day

But things are going wonderful

No time for work, just play!