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Project Robot Update #2

Tonight I finished the robot story.  It’s aimed at young children and as there’s over 1300 words I’ll need to cut down a chunk of it at some point but the completion is what I’m focusing on currently.

I’m really pleased that in a short space of time I’ve wrote 2 stories, with a 3rd already on the way. I haven’t illustrated anything for the original project but I have ideas.  With not having deadlines for any sort of publishing I’m just enjoying the writing part at this moment in time.




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Cat Toys

He was having a good sniff around this non cat toy the other day. I wonder if he thinks the tuna tin in the cupboard contains real tuna

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Why I Motivate

You may have realised that over the past few weeks I’m posting daily motivational quotes for my readers. If they help you in any way then that’s my work done.

I find, by looking for the quotes and then posting them on my blog, that it also helps me with my writing. Whether that’s ideas, progression, characters etc. I think if I didn’t motivate on here I’d struggle to be motivated if that makes sense!