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Naming & Shaming: Peppa Pig, Fun At The Fair

Next in my ‘Naming and Shaming’ series I’ve found yet another problem with the world of Peppa Pig.

Luckily, again, I do not own this so was able to put it back on the pile of rubbish before walking away feeling mad.

This book is called ‘Peppa Pig, Fun At The Fair’. Admittedly it was a basic story about the Pig family at the fair. Daddy and George went on the helter skelter whilst Mummy and Peppa tried some of the stalls.

I felt bad for Mummy in this story because it was hinted very early on that she wouldn’t win anything but when she got to the archery is where the story took a complete nose dive.

For a book that’s supposed to help children learn I was horrified when Mummy and Peppa reached the archery. The archer simply said this:

‘Don’t worry you won’t win, women are useless at this’

I’m sorry. WHAT THE HELL?! you can’t go printing that into childrens books, what message does that send out to not only children but to their parents? I don’t care if she got a bullseye you shouldn’t be putting the stereotypical gender idea in stories for children.

Grr it really irked me and I hope the book is either discontinued or it received a lot of complaints. Leave sexism out of childrens book please Ladybird!!



I am writer, writer am I. Mum of 2 cats and 2 children. Wife of James of Tameside. Delving deeper, blogging is new to me but writing isn't. I loved writing as a child, loved making up silly stories, they came very easily to me. I studied Screenwriting for Film and TV at university and gained a 2:1 BA honours for it but then never did anything else with it. I struggle a lot with motivating myself and with now having 2 cats plus kids that motivation went right out of the window....up until recently. A friend had suggested starting a blog and so I set up on WordPress and my motivation came flying back into my life like it had always been there! There are days where I'm either too tired to write but I am always thinking of my main project - writing a children's novel. So that's progress right?

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