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Project Robot Update

Last week I told you about my newest writing task, Project Robot.  I’ve realised whilst writing it tonight, it’s going to be a bit of a longer story than Short Story.

I didn’t want to do something long just yet but I think after the edit I’ll be able to get it down to maybe 800 words.  It’s over 1000 currently but for now I need to concentrate on finishing it and then take out all the unnecessary bits.

I’ve done about 350 words on it tonight and hope to finish it by the middle of this upcoming week instead. I’ve gone off track a bit but can easily see how to get back on it.

That’s where I am with things.

Keep on writing and enjoy the experience everyone!


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Rainbow Road

On yesterdays road trip we drove through a double rainbow. I haven’t seen the end of a rainbow before and it was hitting the road so it was pretty cool.