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Writing Prompt

I found this if anyone is up for a challenge

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Mother Bird: “Make sure you wrap up before going outside”

Child: “I’m a bird, I don’t need to”

Mother Bird: “Well make sure you drop me a text so I know you got there safely”

Child: “Again, I’m a bird, we don’t have mobiles”

Mother Bird: “Fine, just make sure you come back for your tea please. I don’t want it to go cold or uneaten”

Child: “For the last time, I’m a bird, we have no concept of time and we have no kitchen in our nest to cook food”

This is what it must be like for a chick to be living with a senile bird.

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Do Not Disturb

“Don’t take the picture yet, we haven’t made ourselves look even more handsome. Let us lick our own bums first next time!” -Spud and Rodney

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Must Write, Must Write!

I need a deadline, a new project, something smaller and manageable.

A goal for the next month is to start a new project and have a basic outline and ideas formed.

I will keep you posted with the idea but in all honesty I think I’ll be heavily condensing my novel down into a much smaller story.

Now I’ve posted this it means I now need something to show for it!