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NaNoWriMo Day 14

512 words tonight.  I never know how to feel with the section I’m writing about.  I am trained in screenwriting so am aware that dialogue is very important but with novel writing I find it makes the thinking process even longer and the writing flow even shorter, like I have to really think on what I want each character to say.  The inner dialogue and thoughts and emotion from the characters comes out much quicker than their speaking at this stage!

Does anyone else go through this?

Day 1 – 157

Day 2 – 114

Day 3 – 169

Day 4 – 281

Day 5 – 191

Day 6 – 0

Day 7 – 203

Day 8 – 286

Day 9 – 259

Day 10 – 710

Day 11 – 220

Day 12 – 0

Day 13 – 210

Day 14 – 512

Total – 3092!

I’m very pleased with that running total.


"I loved writing as a child, loved making up silly stories. They came built-in to my brain, almost like an Ikea instruction manual. The focus these days is to figure out how to now turn them into books" Tanya Butler, June 2018

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