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Early Hour’s Writing

I think the last time I dedicated time to writing past midnight was during my University years. Here I am 11 years later, wide awake and have resisted the urge to sit on twitter and instead I’ve opted for a more productive way to try and sleep by cracking on with novel writing.

I am now going to aim to complete it within 7 months, realising that these days there are far too many excuses and no real deadline to aim for so I’m going to set a date. 

The goal is to complete it by the end of May 2018. I think that’s plenty of time, it’s after Xmas and it’s a month where not much goes on with my lifestyle so I figure it’s achievable.

I will probably go down the self publishing this time but for future work it’ll be sent to a traditional publishing house.

Though I am blogging and writing at 4am I hope my mind won’t start getting into the habit of waking up at silly o clock every morning. I love my sleep but for some reason, on a Sunday, my brain is wide awake – the joy!