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Early Hour’s Writing

I think the last time I dedicated time to writing past midnight was during my University years. Here I am 11 years later, wide awake and have resisted the urge to sit on twitter and instead I’ve opted for a more productive way to try and sleep by cracking on with novel writing.

I am now going to aim to complete it within 7 months, realising that these days there are far too many excuses and no real deadline to aim for so I’m going to set a date. 

The goal is to complete it by the end of May 2018. I think that’s plenty of time, it’s after Xmas and it’s a month where not much goes on with my lifestyle so I figure it’s achievable.

I will probably go down the self publishing this time but for future work it’ll be sent to a traditional publishing house.

Though I am blogging and writing at 4am I hope my mind won’t start getting into the habit of waking up at silly o clock every morning. I love my sleep but for some reason, on a Sunday, my brain is wide awake – the joy!

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Freelancer, Now For Hire!

I’ve taken the plunge and have created a profile to embark on my new business venture…freelance work.  For those who already have their foot well and truly wedged in the door, if not already in the next room, can you provide any advice to a budding new freelance writer?

I am ready to give it more than 1000000% and have started doing homework on what to look for, how to succeed etc. The focus areas/line of work I’ll propose bids on is writing stories aimed at children and blog writing.

Let’s see what the progress is like a couple of months down the line.


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Quiet Weekends

With my favourite show back on TV (1 of 2, the other being The Flash which has also started up again this week), my evenings are taken up with Strictly Come Dancing. I’m an armchair judge, loving celebs which I never cared for, dancing with their pro’s and I’m happily looking forward to watching each episode.

As a result there won’t be much opportunity to write at the weekends but I’m OK with that.

Hope you are all keeping busy and will update in due course.

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10K Mark

I’ve gone back to writing today, as I went to open the document up I looked at the word count and feel very proud for I’ve gone over the 10k mark.  There’s still a long way to go but it’s motivating enough to keep at the story.

Thanks again for all the suggestions and encouragement to keep on going.  I hope to update next at the weekend.