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My Turn On The Laptop Is Over

Rodney wants to continue writing his novel ‘How to Gain more Biscuits With Minimal Effort’. I can’t stop him from following his dreams, can I?

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A Follow Up Hit?

A couple of nights ago I was ready for an epic writing session but unfortunately my eldest was poorly so it came to a halt.

Tonight I have continued with a chapter where a character sings another song to this stuck up narcissistic ignorant man and, as expected, he misinterprets the meaning.  I am loving this part of the story so am trying hard to keep the content good with a potential of very few edits for this area.

Not many words for tonight’s count but 142 is better than 0


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The Perfect Game

My lovely husband’s short story (unsure if it’s based on real events!)

James Butler's Blog

I went to pick up the ball for the last throw. I’ve never bowled like this before, eleven strikes down and I just need this one more for the game. The sweat drips down my forehead as I try to focus my line. The sound of the crowd cheering runs down to a dull whine. Everything is becoming blurry. I need to throw now or I’ll loose my track. I raise my arm back and throw down with a little bit of spin.

It’s going wide.

It’s hitting the gutter!

In the last second it teeters back into the ally. It hit’s the middle right pin and nearly of of them go flying.

Nearly all.

The front and last pin wobbles on it’s base. Another pin roles casually into it and knocks it over.

A perfect Game. The roar of the crowd it overwhelming, as I fall to my knees…

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It goes wrong when everything feels right.
You have thoughts, feelings and expectations and all of a sudden they get shattered. Things change all the time whether you notice or not. Whether you like it or not.

How do you let go of hatred? It is built into us all, hard wired into our DNA. Fight or flight. Your choice.


As it goes on thoughts and feelings manifest into a black hole. And what for? What changed?

More time.

It is easy to hold onto hate, it fuels us, floods the brain with feelings that could pass off as positivity where actually it slowly kills us. But you don’t realise everyone else hates too.

We are only human.

No one can hold onto that much hate, life is too short to intentionally suffer internally.

What possible words could make everything better? What is your end goal? Do you know why you’re still doing this?

You miss feeling normal, you miss sharing life and it’s ever changing state. But you’re stuck. That’s ok. You can still be helped.

And then you realise.

Just let it go.

Words don’t make things better, hate doesn’t fix things. Change your mind and it’s thinking before it is too late. Though it is easier said than done tell yourself to stop hating and just get over it. It’ll take practise but you can still get there. Life is hard, don’t let something so insignificant destroy that.

Once you are gone the earth will continue to spin, do you really want to let negativity slowly consume you when the world has already moved on?

I can help you release the hate if you are willing to listen. Only if you want to change your thoughts and feelings.

But I cannot tell you this, you need to realise it yourself.

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Haiku Wednesday

Motivation is

Something that drives you forward

More life gives purpose.


Is motivation

Forward? you drive that something

Purpose, gives life more.



Something that gives more

You drive life forward.  Purpose.

Is motivation.


More motivation

That purpose drives you forward,

Gives more.


I have really been struggling to find the need to write my novel or simply blog.  My motivation has taken off and is playing hide and seek, though it wants me to count to 10 million it seems.

If any of these Haiku’s can help a budding writer of any kind then excellent.

Likewise, if anyone can encourage or provide some inspiring words I’m all ears.



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A Song Writer In The Making?

Hello readers, sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with term time and also finding the need to want to write, it’s coming back bit by bit.  Today I have been writing my story and have got to a point where one of my characters sings.  I have wrote a little song and want to share with you the end results

“What you Did” by Jonathan Kelps

“You’ll never know what you were to me

You’ll never see how you made me feel

I didn’t love you, I didn’t care

For you were so far up your bum.

One day I will be free, not that you’ll mind

Because by then you’ll still be in your own behind

You were so horrific, but the end will be so terrific

All I wanted was my pal”

I have written about 500 words this morning which I’m super thrilled on.  I still have a long way to go but with each writing session I get that little bit closer to the end.

Will keep you posted with further updates soon!