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Count, Confession & Cats

Surprisingly I’ve been working later than 9:30pm which used to be where my brain would start shutting off.  It’s funny when I think about it but by writing constantly I have mentally got into a rhythm where from 8pm on wards it’s the optimal writing time and that is ideal for my situation.

Maybe it was the inspiration from today’s outing, we went to Stanley Park (dinosaur exhibition) a very beautiful and thrilling day out, or maybe it was the extra super duper large Starbucks Latte I drank around 8pm but it’s gone 10pm and I’m not in bed – ooo get me having a late night eh?

Saying that though, my writing hat has slipped off! I’m continuing the scene from last night, in the King’s office and you know when you’re writing and you get to a point and know you’ll have to heavily re-write a lot of it? that’s what’s happened tonight but I’m happy with the word count (800 on the nose) and the fact I’ve been writing in general so it’s been a good writing evening. Think I’ll go and try some meditation and clear my mind and enjoy the weird dreams undoubtedly that will swim into it.  Rodney my cat, was sick all over the rug tonight and that ever so brief interruption stopped my writing flow, but I got more words done tonight than last night where I had no interruption so I’m calling it a win still.

As I was thinking over yesterday’s writing session it came to my realisation that I’m preferring writing the direction of the story; setting the scene, the themes, the silliness of it more than writing the characters. I feel this is the ultimate sin of a writer and in a way feel this is wrong of me.  Surely a character should take precedence over everything as it’s their journey we follow, their thoughts and actions we resonate with? I wonder if you other writers think the same?

I shall see you all again tomorrow, same time, same blog.



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University Projects

Back in 2006 I went to University, it feels like it was a long long looong time ago but when I think of college or starting a full time job for the first time, in relation it really wasn’t that long ago.

The first is called ‘Famopoly’. If memory serves right this was done as part of an assignment in a visual media class, the idea was to create a documentary of your choice and then to turn it into a visual output. The class loved it and laughed at all the right moments which boosted my confidence as a writer and potentially a director too. My then boyfriend (now husband) helped with the visual side of things as it was permitted but as for calling the shots I was in charge.

This one was from a writing class, the University wanted industry experts to tutor and in came a chap called Ric Michael. At introduction I wasn’t sure who he was but I learnt he worked at a production company called Baby Cow and they had recently produced a lot of comedy shows, one of which was called Gavin and Stacey and that was pretty big back then. For those who aren’t sure, it starred James Corden, the now chat show host!

As an idea to get to know us all as students we all had to pair off with someone in the class (I couldn’t pick my husband before you ask) and I grouped together with this man called Tony. The next exercise was to tell each other about what our weekends had been like and then we’d have to write a quick story based on the other person.

Tony went on to say he had been insulating this guy’s roof and that’s the only thing I took from the chat and so turned it into the below ( Thanks again Tony for having an inspirational weekend, where ever you are!)My tutor absolutely loved the output. The video was something I did in my spare time, and again my husband captured all the images necessary where I just cracked the whip to ensure my vision was kept intact (He will probably read this later and want a discussion on the matter!)

I just watched this video before typing this blog and forgot about the teensy weensy bit of bad language, viewers beware.

My writing style hasn’t changed much since that time but that’s mostly down to the fact I haven’t written continuously since then, maybe I have a mature eye these days so there’s a natural shift in the writing style. Time will tell I guess.

I’d love to know what you think!