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Another Productive Evening

754 words tonight, very pleased with that! I had planned to continue writing the phone call from last night but as I sat at the laptop and re-read the last paragraph or so no inspiration came to me to WANT to write it out, think my brain is re-grouping and planning it out visually before communicating it to my fingers. Interestingly I felt drawn to writing out a scene set in the King’s office, it’s going smoothly and according to plan, though I need to work on my characters a bit more, give them meaning, a drive and some dramatic elements I think this is what I’ll work on a bit more over the next few days.

I didn’t have much time to write during the day today, I rarely do with having 2 children but I did have a quick goose at word count trackers for my website and I think because of the basic plan I’m on it’s not going to be possible, not sure there’s any point in upgrading just yet so may have to leave that item in a things-to-do pile for the website.  The picture above is no way one I took personally, I am a neat freak and like to see the floor from time to time.  I do however think if you’re going to buy this much junk (I like to call all toys junk because they typically are) then at least train your child all about tidy up time!

Night night readers, hope you have a productive evening like I did (if not better!).