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Cats & Tents – A Link Perhaps?

I was rummaging around in the attic a few nights ago and found an old play tent for my eldest. I knew it had a couple of holes in but I took it out and assembled it and within seconds my cats were swarming around the tent. Is it made from partial catnip perhaps? I know for a fact if I were to go out and purchase a special cat tent they would not care for it at all!

Its a huge play tent but will pass it onto a good home, it’s not something I could keep out all the time. I think I found a niche in the market though – buying a toddler play tent but secretly it’s for the cats. All packaging should be marketed towards children but in the top corner in small print there’s a circle with a picture of the cat with the words ‘for cats only, shh!’



"I loved writing as a child, loved making up silly stories. They came built-in to my brain, almost like an Ikea instruction manual. The focus these days is to figure out how to now turn them into books" Tanya Butler, June 2018

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