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It’s Back, Progress Update!

I have my mojo back! I’ve churned out nearly 900 words tonight which is something I haven’t done in a while at this time of day (it is 21:30).  I was getting worried that evening sessions were slowly becoming impossible but it’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

I had done some Yoga beforehand so I could get a bit of an exercise in and to help empty my mind and I feel it has helped.  I feel very focused, more so than say 48 hours ago when my motivation went out the window, down the road and nearly drowned in the duck pond. I must refer to this post on a day when I am mostly daydreaming more than focusing on the project.

The scene I have wrote tonight will eventually become back story for the protagonist, he will learn more about why this character behaves the way he does.  For now this characters, lets call him Mack, is currently alive and in a state of mourning, his brother has done something terrible and Mack thought he’d feel better after his brother’s actions but it leads him down the wrong path completely. In a way it feels like I’m writing dark comedies again, it’s all I wrote in University, but I’m trying to make it resonate more with the audience, rather than it just be a completely 100% silly story. The targeted audience is what I think about when I write to keep it on track but I see no harm in trying to push the boundaries a little. You’ve got to have fun writing right?

I’m going to sign off now and do a bit of meditation before bed, help keep my brain and body in sync. I wish you readers good luck with your writing tonight and will check in again tomorrow.  Night night.

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Cats & Tents – A Link Perhaps?

I was rummaging around in the attic a few nights ago and found an old play tent for my eldest. I knew it had a couple of holes in but I took it out and assembled it and within seconds my cats were swarming around the tent. Is it made from partial catnip perhaps? I know for a fact if I were to go out and purchase a special cat tent they would not care for it at all!

Its a huge play tent but will pass it onto a good home, it’s not something I could keep out all the time. I think I found a niche in the market though – buying a toddler play tent but secretly it’s for the cats. All packaging should be marketed towards children but in the top corner in small print there’s a circle with a picture of the cat with the words ‘for cats only, shh!’

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A Question

What do you do when you really want to write but are unable to for 6 hours? It’s frustrating to say the least. I have to wait until my children are in bed but my brain is wanting to write in the middle of the day!