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Going Into Silly Depths I Think

I think I need to read my own story and see why I am doing what I’m currently doing.  Tonight a character ended up having a phone call with a pesky PPI caller, nowhere in my original idea for the story did this ever become something I’d write about. I don’t think I like it at all so I stopped before it became something I’d pour wasted hours into.

Maybe it’s the coffee, maybe it’s the lack of chocolate in the house or maybe I’m about to create something epic – either way I think tomorrow night I shall review what’s been written and tighten the strings, as the old saying goes.



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Introducing My Cats

As my blog name is inspired by my passion for my cats I may as well show you pictures of them, I will dedicate future posts to them, maybe on a weekly basis.


This is Rodney, he is the cuddliest kitten witten to me but is more like a jaguar or a panther to everyone else, he will bolt past you in a flash, scratch you if you get right up in his face but night time is a different story. He lets anyone and everyone give him cuddles only if you are lead down in bed. He loves EMCs as I call them – Early Morning Cuddles and will go as far as scratching you if you aren’t making him purr more! The paw has been in my mouth or eye socket too many times but I love it.


This contortionist of a kitty is called Spud. He isn’t as long haired as his brother but when malting I could probably create another Spud size cat out of the fur alone! Spud isn’t that keen on people and will stay up stairs most of the day until my children are in bed and will make an appearance. He caught his first bird recently, I don’t think he really knew what to do with it as he is a house cat and doesn’t go outside that much. I want that to change though, watch this space and see if I can change that. Spud likes just the one toy, an orange stick, he likes to play chase on the bed with it. Recently he has started liking catnip so I might see if he will take to the other toys.

If my cats could add something to this post it’d be this ‘mew mew mew meowwww’ which, according to google translate, comes back as ‘I WANT MORE FOOD’. It’s all they want!

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I’m Being A Bit Naughty

It’s the summer holidays and as a result I have lost several hours a week of ‘me’ time. Even as I’m typing this out my eldest is glued to Paw Patrol on the TV. I originally felt a bit guilty but then I thought ‘I don’t do this every day, it’s OK to have a lazy morning’ and so I have left him to watch the TV whilst I do internet things.

No guilt here, just a relaxed mummy sat next to her eldest, whilst her youngest is having a nap.

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Cecil’s Riddle

For those who tried to help poor Cecil well done for guessing the answer


Join me in next week’s game of Riddle Me This. Same time, same place!

N.b. 0 out of 10 for consistency with the ant pictures, if I could draw ants this wouldn’t be an issue.


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Fingers In Other Pies

…is probably the best way to describe tonight. I haven’t sat and watched TV, nor have I wasted time browsing the internet. No no. Tonight I have been expanding my horizons and have written an article for someone else. Thought I’d give it a go. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain so I dedicated this evening to it.

If I can continue with this positivity with my motivation to write I’ll be able to free up some more fingers for more pies.

Pies = projects, not ‘Greggs’


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Writing For Writing’s Sake

I’ve wrote about 300 words tonight and even as each was typed I could feel the scene slowly spiralling out of control; digressing and waffling are the words that come to mind but the positive is that I have written more of the story tonight.

My choo choo train of thought is just wanting me to play around a bit more with the feel of the story hence the waffling I have typed up.  The important thing here is that it’s OK to do!




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Riddle Me This


Cecil needs your help!


My first is in flea but not in fly

My second is in town but not in tonne – why?

Because my third is in warning but not in waning

Said the fourth ant who’s not into complaining

Instead, he likes the fifth dish but has no dosh

So he saw the sixth horse, which was far from posh

The ant gathered his thoughts which were all jumbled together

“am I going to be able to make sense of all these letters?”


Can you help poor Cecil out?







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First Day Of The Summer Holidays

And all is going well in the house,

Not a creature is stirring but my youngest is playing with a toy mouse.

My eldest is glued to the TV screen,

It’s a glum day today so no need for sun cream.

The cats are asleep and coffee is keeping me awake,

No need to rush around until tea time when I will cook steak.


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Things That Everyone Knows…

I love cats, I’m a cataholic not to be confused with a catholic of course.

I’m an overthinker to the point it stops me from doing things. I’m good with that because I don’t have enough hours in the day as it is so at least there is a positive outlook

I’m quiet….

I have to wear my war paint everyday. If you were to catch me without it on you know I started the day very very badly. Don’t get me angry!

Have a great day everyone!

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Things You Didn’t Know…

My favourite foods are mostly sweet things; cakes, chocolate, biscuits & biscuity chocolate cakes obviously.

I really like regimented routines, anything unclear or even slightly ambiguous and I do not know how to react and go into a proper meltdown.

TV shows I’m watching\have watched in the last 2 months are The Flash (watched every episode now) & 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Every now and again I will watch Come Dine With Me if the mood takes me.

If the right job came up I would return to work as the house my family and I live in is just too small.

If there were another 5 hours in a day I’d be at the gym every day.  I love the feeling after a workout.

I don’t like paying full price for things and I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for anything to save pennies where possible.  I love Quidco, Hotukdeals and subscribe and save on Amazon – big shout out to them all.

I keep falling asleep on my acupressure mat and then wake up a tad sore.

Coffee is my newest friend recently, I love going to Starbucks or Costa Coffee but my bank account hates me.

If I could have one thing in life it would be another baby, 3 is what I want.  Even though I mentioned about having a small house I think a baby is more important to me currently.

Will post more later, for now I’m off to do Yoga with my husband (his choice as he has a sore back)